Netflix Set To Cancel Streaming Titles in January

Netflix Set To Cancel Streaming Titles in January via Babble.comPop some popcorn and chug down an energy drink to binge on your favorite streaming titles before they disappear from your Netflix queue forever.

My DVR and online streaming services like Netflix have made it possible for people like me to binge watch shows in order to get caught up on the conversation at the water cooler, or to avoid #SpoilerAlert hashtags on social media sites. I prefer binge watching because I get to watch shows when I feel like watching them, as well as watch huge chunks of shows at one time and avoid waiting “until next week to see the exciting conclusion!”

Sure, I may not be able to join in the on all the hoopla and chatter watching shows when they air on TV, but it lets me schedule my viewing time accordingly, versus feeling pressured to watch shows with everyone else.

Netflix also lets me re-watch my favorite titles or discover long-gone content that I would have enjoyed when they originally aired on TV. Over the past year, Netflix has made huge strides in the online-only streaming category with its popular shows House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. The company has plans to launch even more online originals to go up against the cable heavy-hitters like HBO, Showtime, and AMC. (Breaking Bad spinoff anyone?)

I’m assuming in order to free up bandwidth for new content in the pipeline, Netflix has to axe certain currently streaming titles. Word on the street (and by street, I mean Reddit) is that Netflix will start spring cleaning early, and is making plans to stop streaming some of its content staring January 2014. According to the list, “in demand” shows that generate a ton of buzz and views will be saved from the purge, but there are some titles on the list that are sure to be missed by subscribers looking for some sure-fire entertainment on their own terms. (I’m too mad that I‘m Gonna Git You Sucka and Do The Right Thing are on that list, but I digress.)

The bulk of the titles on the list are scheduled to expire on January 1st, so if you’re still on holiday vacation, you might want to check the Reddit list to see if your favorite shows and movies are on the chopping block. If so, pop some popcorn and chug down your energy drink of choice to binge on your favorite titles before they disappear from your Netflix queue forever.

Or — Plan B would be to check little-known streaming sites like CracklePopcornflix, and others to see if you can find your favorite content online. Good luck.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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