New Facebook News Feed Feature ‘Bumps’ Relevant Stories

New Facebook News Feed Feature 'Bumps' Relevant Stories via

“The only thing that’s constant is change” That’s certainly what Facebook wants you to believe as it’s constantly making changes to the way you see information in your news feed. One the one hand, there are millions of Facebook users who possibly have as many as 1,500 posts from family, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, etc waiting to flood their news feed every day. On the other hand, there are marketers, publishers, and entire businessess on Facebook are all looking for that magical recipe to supplant their content in your news feed.

As a result, there may be posts that a Facebook user wants to view, but the posts don’t see the light of day, because the user may not scroll down their news feed far enough to see them. So Facebook’s engineers have been working on tweaking its algorihm to essentially “bump” relevant content to the top of user’s news feed. The “secret sauce” that Facebook uses to serve up content to your news feed includes general factors like content you’ve read in the past, your relationship with friends (and their friends, and what content they’ve previously read.

According toThe Verge, early tests have shown that the changes have seen increased engagement from users who want to see personal information from friends, as well as more views for publishers and brands looking to get their content in front of many users as possible.

Changes that Facebook has made in the past haven’t been too well received by the general public, due to Facebook’s tightly zipped lip on how it puts information in your news feed. To avoid ruffling too many feathers, this go ’round, Facebook wil be more transparent and will be announcing the official launch of news feed bumping to the public, as well as other information regarding the change in a series of blog posts called ‘News Feed FYI’ on it’s Newsroom section of Facebook website.

What do you think: Will Facebook bumping increase your engagement with family and friends’ posts, or is this just another way to make Facebook advertisers happy?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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