New #Ramadan and #Eid Icons Available On Twitter

Twitter Offers #Ramadan icons
There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world — nearly 3.5 million of them here in the US — participating in the holy month of Ramadan and fasting from dawn until dusk every day. It also turns out that many Muslims are discussing Ramadan on Twitter — so Twitter decided to honor Muslims by creating special icons that appear whenever the hashtags #Ramadan or #Eid are used.

In a blog post, Twitter discusses the icons.

“There are many religious and cultural practices to mark the month, and we are pleased to help people celebrate with new #Ramadan and #Eid icons. Use a hashtag (#) immediately in front of the words Ramadan, Ramazan, and رمضان. For Eid, use a hashtag (#) in front of the words Eid or عيد_مبارك. These special icons will appear after those words. Use hashtags to tweet how your neighborhood, city or country is celebrating the month and connect with others across the world who are also observing and celebrating #Ramadan.”

Chances are you’ve already seen similar icons appearing whenever folks have been discussing the World Cup — maybe you’ve seen a tiny version of a nation’s flag when you tweet using that country’s hashtag. In addition, if you’re wondering what time you can break your fast, they have a Twitter helper for that as well.

“We partnered with @AlArabiya to help you find out, with a Tweet, what time each day you can break the fast. Starting tomorrow, tweet @AlArabiya with #iftar followed by the name of your city with a # immediately in front (e.g. #Dubai), and the @AlArabiyaaccount will send you the time for #iftar. This also works for #Imsak (or beginning the fast).”

What a lovely way for Twitter to honor Ramadan.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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