Day 1 at CES: Robots and Surround Vision TV!

Hello from the Computer Electronic Show! I am here in Las Vegas, NV experiencing my first CES. As a geek at heart, this adventure has been on my bucket list for a long time, so to be here is surreal. Typically the first of the year has me scouring the web for new tech, and filled with jealousy every time I would see a #CES hashtag. Not this year! I did Day 1 and I have the sore feet to prove it!

While I’ve only been in Vegas less than 24 hours, I have already gotten my fill. This is my first CES, but I’ve been to Vegas many times. I will say this, Vegas during CES is a whole new ball game. I’ll share those lessons learned later, but for now – I thought I would give you a glimpse of some of the latest, greatest tech I came across yesterday.

  • The International Computer Electronics Show: Day 1 1 of 18

    Coverage of the new tech to be found on Day 1 at CES!

  • 4K Surround Video Gaming 2 of 18

    Nvdia has an amazing booth setup featuring Geforce GTX 4K surround.  Surrounded by three 4k displays, this setup would cost you around $10,000 if you want this in your game room. Sorry husband, I don't think this will be happening, but the imaging is AMAZING. 

  • iPad Activity Table 3 of 18

    Hey parents! Check out these activity trays by CTA Digital featuring an iPad holder for the kiddos — in Dora and Sponge Bob themes. I think these would be great in the car, and appear to offer a good deal of protection for the iPad. 

  • Beam Remote Presence System 4 of 18

    I freaked when I saw these! Many months ago, I saw a news story talking about a child who couldn't go to school, and his parents arranged for him to attend via computer and he had a device similar to this.  


    This is Beam. It's a remote presence system, and while it looks weird, it is amazing. I was able to try driving one of these around first-hand, as well as use it to talk with an employee back in California. I was amazed how much it really did feel like Face Time. The employee in California told me that a large percentage of their workers "beam" in from all over the world. Talk about a new way to work remotely!

  • Buddy Phone 5 of 18

    The Buddy Phone system by Onanof offers earphones that connect to your phone, and allow your kids to talk and hear with a softer volume.

  • Digital Credit Card 6 of 18

    Have you seen Coin? This credit card is similar, but instead of changing which credit card you use, it allows you to select which rewards program you want to use. So if one month you want to earn airline miles, and the next month you want to earn cash back - you can switch back and forth via an app on your phone. This card is by Dynamics Inc.

  • Perfect Drink, Smart Bartending Scale 7 of 18

    Make the perfect cocktail with the Perfect Drink by Brookstone. It's an app-controlled smart bartending scale that ensures your drink is perfect every time. 

  • DRONES! 8 of 18

    Drones were everywhere, most definitely a prominent feature at this year's CES.  This is the AR Drone 2.0 by Parrot. 

    If you are looking to purchase one, wait a few months - the prices will come down on these drastically. 

  • iPotty 9 of 18

    This product, the iPotty, was launched last year at CES and has gotten quite the chuckle. While I wouldn't want to use the iPad after my kid used the iPotty, I do see the value. Laugh all you want, but I know the pains of potty training! 

  • Bluetooth Jewelry 10 of 18

    This was an interesting concept by Ezio. It's bluetooth-enabled jewelry. When someone calls or messages, the jewels light up. 

  • Product Photography for Newbies 11 of 18

    This photography system by Ortery shoots amazing product photos. If you have shot products before, you know without a good setup it can be daunting. Ortery's system makes your products look fabulous and website ready.

  • Digital Microscope 12 of 18

    This digital microscope by Dino-Lite was amazing. You could view an image 220x, and take video and still shots. Here, the rep showed me the workings of a pocket watch. You could see everything down to the texture of the metals.

  • Future of Car Dashboards 13 of 18

    At the Nvidia booth, there was a BMW tricked out with a digital dashboard. This is the future y'all. 

  • Augmented Reality 14 of 18

    I had heard some buzz on the Oculus Rift and its amazing virtual reality system, but I had no idea how cool it was! While the device is clunky, it really can change how you play games.

  • iPad Paper Towel Holder 15 of 18

    An iPad paper towel holder anyone?  What about a chopping block with an iPad holder? These are a few of the new products from CTA Digital.

  • Robots! 16 of 18

    This robot by IEEE moved so smoothly. No more clunky robot movements like in the past. 

  • Wearable Tech 17 of 18

    Smartwatches are going fancy! Check out those bands. Wearable technology is here people. Learn more about these watches from Buro.

  • Vivofit Fitness Band 18 of 18

    This is Garmin's Vivofit, a fitness band.  It will be interesting to see where companies take these fitness related products. Vivofit has a one year battery, will monitor your sleep, heart rate, steps, and more. 

After pounding the convention floor for several hours, experiencing all kinds of new – I walked out and realized there were several more convention floors. So stay tuned. More CES coverage coming soon.

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