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When I went through a family tragedy in 2004, I was humbled and honored by the way folks near and far stepped up and helped. I received flowers, baskets of food (including a remarkable one that included a cooked chicken), sweets, and cards and letters – all which helped buoy me during such a hard time. People like to help when times are hard.

A few years ago, I suddenly became the caretaker for my sick mother. I spent hours in the hospital meeting with doctors and social workers, spent vast amounts of time arguing with insurance companies, and dealing with transitions to nursing facilities and more. I was able to manage that and barely keep my head above water with work, but doing laundry and grocery shopping and making sure I made school pickups was a challenge. I’m blessed with great friends and an amazing partner who all stepped up and helped me, but there were periods during that time when I wish I had the StandWith app.

Created by the founders of this awesome cancer support site (the title is technically NSFW, but I believe is a statement all of us have uttered at one point or another), the StandWith app offers a point of communication between caregivers and supporters so that people struggling can have an easy answer to the question, “How can I help?”

Sure, casseroles are awesome, but if you’re too busy to cook dinners you also probably don’t have time to mow the lawn, pick up the dry cleaning, or get groceries. The StandWith app makes it easy for caregivers to get the help they need without any embarrassment by either the asker or those that offer to help. You can group tasks and needs by friends, family, and acquaintances – so if you don’t want your friendly neighbor to come do your laundry and see the state of your underwear, they won’t be able to see that particular task but your best friend can see it.

Pretty great, right? The app will be available in the fall of 2014, but definitely sign up for the closed beta if you are interested.

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