Is the “Perversion of Social Media” Corrupting Us?

perversion social mediaI know I use my phone way too often and sometimes when I’m not supposed to. No, I don’t text and drive, but I am trying to kill the habit of looking at my phone at red lights. My phone contains my work, so yes — I am the mom on her phone at the park. Yes, I like to take photos of my kids and their crazy antics, but something you will never catch me doing is filming or photographing a situation when there is a person in need.  Who would do such a thing? Apparently lots of people.

In Dallas, there was a terrible car accident and an off-duty officer happened to be one of the first on the scene. While the car wreck was an awful thing — what was disgusting to him was the fact there were people all around the crash site, not helping the victim who was dying inside of his car, which was on fire — but rather there were people filming the wreckage.

This is from the Dallas off-duty officer who helped at the scene:

“In my peripheral vision, in addition within a very close distance, you see people filming with their cell phones,” said Williams. “That’s what you see — a person’s actually dying in front of their eyes, and rather than you making it a priority, putting yourself in the role of a first responder, just to try to help out in some way, you choose your priority to be filming somebody’s death.”

Williams says he even asked a woman to back up away from the car as she recorded at a close distance with her phone. 

Officer Williams goes on to later call the world’s obsession to capture the shot rather than help with rescue efforts, the “perversion of social media.”

Has our world turned that social media obsessed that we would rather take a picture or capture a video of someone dying then help the person who is dying? If so, this world is a sick place.

I’ve seen all kinds of sad things on social media. There is the cyber bullying, people posting racy photos of others unknowingly, funeral selfies, and now photographing someone’s death — all of these are examples of why social media gets a bad rep.

We have to help each other out and re-evaluate the importance of life. I am all about technology and social media. I live and breathe it, it’s how I make an income. With that being said, I don’t want it to consume me so much that it takes away my compassion for other human beings. 

The next time you see a wreck, someone in need of help, or a situation that requires immediate attention — let’s drop our phones — unless it’s to get help. The perversion of social media is sick. Sure, technology is a wonderful thing — but we can’t let it corrupt us.


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Is the Perversion of Social Media Corrupting Us?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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