Recycle Gadgets to Give Back During The Holidays

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It’s that time of year to use that Amazon Wish List feature to send out all those gadget and gizmo gift ideas like a Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone or a Surface tablet that you wouldn’t mind unwrapping later this month (If you didn’t know about that feature, you’re welcome).

If you like gadgets as much as I do, I’m sure there are some electronic devices you currently use that still have some life left in them, yet, you already have eyes on their replacement. You could just move them aside or shove them in the closet/garage/basement…

Since the holiday season is about giving just as much as it is about getting, why not recycle your gently-used, still perfectly functional technology devices and donate them?

It will clear clutter out of your home, prevent non bio-degradable devices from filling up landfills, and you could possibly provide technology to under-serviced and/or economically strapped individuals and families?

Win/win right? Check out these tips and tricks to recycle used tech toys to give back during the holidays

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    Recycle old gadgets to give back during the holidays via

    Give the gift of technology this holiday season with 8 tips and tricks to recycle used electronics.

  • What to Give Back 2 of 9
    Recycle Old Gadgets - Old smartphone via

    If the plan is to recycle your old electronics for reuse, everything you have may not be useful. Old computers without operating systems, busted CRT monitors, and other non-functioning items were no use to you, so why would they be any use to others? Smartphones, tablets, iPods, cameras, desktop and laptop computers that are still functional are ideal devices that could possibly find a home with a new user. 

  • Gadget Prep 3 of 9
    Recycle Old Gadgets - Complete laptop via

    Before you load up your car with your old tech, there are some items you should mark complete on your gadget recycle checklist, like making sure you have removed all personal data from device and included all cables, peripherals, and instructions you can find. The cleaner and complete, the better chance they will be reused.

    Additionally, don't wait forever to decide to recycle. Your gadgets lose value over time as new devices are announced.

  • Give to a Local School 4 of 9
    Recycle Old Gadgets - Funding Factory via

    Your local school could be an idea place to give donate technology supplies items like power strips, flash (thumb) drives, keyboards, mice, blank CD/DVD discs in addition to "big ticket" items like computer and laptops. Another good idea would be so see if your local school participates in recycling rewards/fund raising programs like Funding Factory that money and rewards to schools who participate in the recycling of old printer cartridges, cell phones, and other used tech.

  • Donate to a Local Computer Shop 5 of 9
    Gadget Donations - Donate to Local Computer Shop via

    You can check to see if your local computer repair shop can revive an under-performing computer to sell at a discounted price to educational institutions and non-profits, or individuals who needs a computer, but can't afford a new one.

  • Trade-In Gadgets for Rewards 6 of 9
    Donate Old Gadgets - Microsoft Rewards via

    Maybe you don't have cold hard cash to buy a gadget or gizmo for the tech geek on your gift list. If you can manage to round up some old gadgets, programs like the Recycle for Rewards program from Microsoft will accept and recycle smartphones, rechargeable phone batteries, gaming consoles, computers and other electronics from any manufacturer.


    If the devices are in working condition and have value, you will receive a Microsoft gift card that can go towards the purchase of new hardware, software and accessories. If you just want to get rid of "old busted" gadgets, your local Microsoft store will wipe all the data and safely recycle them for you.

  • Donate to Goodwill or The Salvation Army 7 of 9
    Gadget Donations - Donate to Charity via

    Yes, Goodwill or Salvation Army can take an old computer and either refurbish them or safely recycle if unusable. Some of these places partner with tech companies to help refurbish and resell computers.

  • Donate Gadgets to Charity 8 of 9
    Donate Gadgets - Cell Phones For Soldiers via

    There are many charitable organizations and foundations that collect, refurbish, and donate electronics towards specific causes. Cell Phones For Soldiers is a program encourages people to donate used cellphones that are refurbished and given to military personnel what need to stay in contact with their loved ones.

  • Donate gadget sales to charity 9 of 9
    Recycle Old Gadgets - eBay Giving Works via

    If you want to make a little money off your old gadgets, but still want to donate to a good cause, eBay Giving Works is a program where you can choose from a list of causes and have a percentage (or all) of the funds from your sold listings contributed to the charity of your choice.

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