Rich Kids of Instagram Inspires a Reality TV Show

One of my favorite Tumblrs has inspired a reality show.  The Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr follows the hijinks of well… rich kids who post “their” wealthy lifestyle on Instagram. These kids are what us average joe folks call spoiled. These kids are driving Bentleys, jetting around the world in private planes and only wearing the best.  If you have that kind of (daddy’s) money, not to mention too much time – what better way to exploit it than to Instagram it!

For those of you who are curious about these rich kids of Instagram, here is a sampling.  

  • Just Because 1 of 17

    Labeled.. just because. Just because you don't have it and he does..

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Porsche 2 of 17

    She's back  #morningdelivery

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Oh Just Me and My Pet Lion 3 of 17

    Doesn't everyone have a red sports car that their pet lion stands on top of? I think I am more impressed with the playground equipment in the background. 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Gold Plated Calculator 4 of 17

     My dad got me gold-plated, diamond encrusted calculator from Burma #notevenjoking #bling

    What? Your dad didn't give you gold-plated diamond encrusted calculator? 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • First Car 5 of 17

    My first car was a 1991 Toyota Tercel. My parents paid $1700 for it. #RKOI, first is a Mercedes. 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Warhol 6 of 17

    I'm guessing that Warhol isn't a replica. 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • No Place Like Home 7 of 17

    I have to confess, if these were my parent's digs - I wouldn't ever move.

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Private Jet – Of Course 8 of 17

    A Hilton (this is Barron Hilton, brother to Paris), on a private jet - just another day being $RICH$!

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Drowning in Louis 9 of 17

    Just another day, drowning in Louis Vuitton. 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Airbus 10 of 17

    Just chillin' in his airbus. What kills me? He tags it #rkoi. Maybe i'll start tagging my stuff #apoi (average people of instagram). 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • AMEX 11 of 17

    My heart pauses every time I see my mortgage balance. I am pretty sure if my AMEX bill came in displaying an outstanding balance of $509,103 - I'd die.

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Jumping out of Helipcopters 12 of 17

    Jumping off a yacht is fun. Jumping off a helicopter? epic. 

    image source: RKOI via instagram


  • First Class Suite 13 of 17

    In case you ever wanted to know what a first class suite on an Emirates flight looks like....

    image source: RKOI via instagram



  • A Very Prada Christmas 14 of 17

    We're more of a Target family than Prada. Merona suits me just fine. 

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Fresh Flowers 15 of 17

    Could you imagine how amazing these must smell?

    image source: RKOI via instagram

  • Holy Receipt Total 16 of 17

    What's $107,524 for a few drinks? 

    image source: RKOI via instagram


  • Trust Fund Baby 17 of 17

    This is this kid's weekly trust fund check.  According to his Instagram, he gives half to charity. (kudos, good to see people doing good)

    image source: RKOI via instagram announced that a few of the kids featured on the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr will be joining a new series that E! has in development. The show will revolve around a group of 20-somethings that live in a world of extreme wealth and will be called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr is not involved in the project. 

Yet another reality TV show (but this one is unscripted! *eye roll*) featuring rich people from Beverly Hills.

h/t Mashable

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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