RIP Fail Whale: An Ode To Twitter’s Fail Whale

RIPTwitter has officially retired the beloved (and reviled) Fail Whale. This is my attempt at an official send off. Forgive me: I haven’t written poetry in years.

Long ago, Twitter was launched,

But sometimes the stream was botched,

And greeting all users, a whale was seen,

Lifted by birds, polluting your stream,

telling you all was not well,

and Twitter was in hell.


You were created by Yiying Lu,

A designer and artist from Australia who

Knew not what Twitter was up to

As it used your stock image as glue,

To give users an excellent clue

That Twitter was down, with a view.


Alas, Twitter is now saying goodbye

And the Fail Whale will disappear into the sky

No longer a sign that trouble is nigh

Now, instead, a robot waves hi

When Twitter is down, and users sigh

Because if they don’t tweet, they will cry.


I feel terribly sad at this tragic news

and now have the Fail Whale blues

Because these days Twitter is often a snooze

Instead of a fun place to schmooze

And how will folks explain those

Awesome Fail Whale tattoos?


My heart will always belong to you, Whale

Even though these days there is rarely a fail.

The robot is cute, but compared to you pales

And soon, you will be just a fairy tale

We early adopters will use to regale

Our children because, like us, they love whales.


Rest in peace, Fail Whale.




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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