Secret Agent Style: Gadgets to Channel Your Inner Spy

Secret Agent Style Gadgets to Channel Your Inner Spy

If you’ve ever had dreams of being a secret agent, the latest gadgets to channel your inner spy are becoming more of a reality thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Line. Gadgets that were once dreamed about after watching secret agents like James Bond on the silver screen are becoming more of a reality as Samsung is creating integrated products that bring the best of mobile computing to innovative devices packaged in different ways and feature security features for wanna-be spies.

This year Samsung debuted their Galaxy Gear, a watch-like device that encircles your wrist but really functions as a mini computer that allows you to take and make calls through the touch screen interface and listen through the speaker embedded in the clasp of the watch. Not only will you feel like a spy as you hold your wrist up to your ear to listen but you can also get alerts about your favorite social networks, incoming emails, weather, and more right on the vivid screen on your wrist. Photo and video features allow you to capture and share directly from the Gear and the photos? They’re instantly Instagram ready!

Even though the Gear doesn’t have the ability to bring your car to you as you make a quick getaway from the school parking lot at dismissal or teleport missing phones to the palm of your hand, the Find My Device feature can remotely activate your phone to vibrate and ring so you can locate it under those couch cushions.

The Gear is designed to integrate with your existing Samsung devices like Galaxy smartphones and Note 3 for a seamless experience that any wanna-be spy would appreciate. Walking more than five feet away will instantly disarm the connection you have between your Gear and mobile device to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands! Once you’re nearby, the connection is re-established and the devices just know- preventing the requirement to sign in with a password again.

Since privacy and security risks are top of mind for spies (and should be for the rest of us too!), Mashable is speculating that fingerprint and retina scanners will debut in phones shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2014. Already considered the Cadillac of Android devices thanks to a gorgeous high resolution screen, quad core processor, and other tech specs that make gadget geeks go crazy, these new security features will make mobile devices even more secure as numeric password combinations become so 2013.

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