Secret Facebook Group Bashes “Ugly” Kids (and how to fix your privacy settings)

Rotten moms set up a secret Facebook group that bashes "ugly" kids.I thought I’d seen it all. Really. I thought I’d see the lowest of the trolling on the web. And while we all might disagree about what “trolling” and “cyber bullying” is, I doubt ANYONE could get behind this most recent item: a secret Facebook group that gathered photos of other people’s children, just to bash them for being “ugly.”

And the people behind the group? OTHER MOMS.

I discovered this news here at Babble, and I have to say, I was horrified. Saying things like, “You can’t fix ugly” about kids many of whom have disabilities, it’s worth noting is just not acceptable human behavior.

Quick “how to be a human” tip: If you wouldn’t say it to the mother’s face, you don’t need to be saying it online.

Members of this secret Facebook group stole the photos of their friend’s kids (or their “friends of friends” kids). If you’d like to keep this from happening to your kid, well, don’t put photos of your kids online. However, if you live in the real world like I do and like sharing photos of your adorable children, here is a brief primer on Facebook privacy settings to help protect you and your family (Facebook’s own instructions are here).

1. Select Your Settings Before Posting A Photo. 

You may have noticed that you can now choose who sees each and every status update on Facebook as you post it, which is pretty great because you can choose to share something with a group, just your friends, or even public. This includes your photos, and is pretty handy. This works for your timeline and mobile uploads.

facebook views

2. Don’t Put Your Kids In Your Cover Photo.

Cover photos are always public, no matter what. Even if nothing else is public on your Facebook page, that image IS.

3. Check Your Album Settings.

You can also go in and edit the privacy settings of your individual albums. This was tricky for me because my profile is public, so in order to change settings I had to do it on individual photos.

4. Don’t Forget Your Automatic Sharing Apps.

Check the privacy status of your apps such as Instagram.


I hope this helps. Just remember: If you share a photo with ANYONE online, they can easily download it to their desktops and upload it to groups like this. Protect yourself and your kids!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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