Secrets to Unplugging? 7 Tech Power Users Share Digital Wellness Strategies

How long can you disconnect from tech in the name of digital wellness and what are the secrets to unplugging to get away from it all?

We asked six tech bloggers and the CEO of a well-known technology company in Silicon Valley to spill it on how long they can really unplug before they get twitchy and what they do when they’re disconnected. But are they really disconnected from technology when they unplug? Some are and some aren’t!

Read on to reveal who is the best at unplugging, why it’s hard to disconnect, and what they do when they’re not online!

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  • Sarah Kimmel, 2 of 8

    How long can you unplug?


    "I can't unplug for very long"


    What Sarah does when she unplugs?


    Exercises though admits to having her phone there for music. "I can run for hours and just have the thoughts in my head and I love it."


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  • Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek 3 of 8

    How long can you unplug?


    "It's all about planning and knowing when it's right and when it's not. If I unplug, I'd never talk to my teens. It's how we communicate. I've had tons of really deep conversations with my 17-year-old son. He doesn't' like to talk about "emotional stuff" but you get him on text and he'll pour his heart out."


    What does Michele do when she unplugs?


    Runs while using her smartphone to listen to music.


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  • Heidi Leder, 4 of 8

    How long can you unplug?


    "I'm not sure I've gone 24 hours unplugged in years. I could unplug from social media for 8-10 hours without checking in; checking in just morning or night while on vacation or a rare weekend."


    What does Heidi do when she unplugs?


    She spends time biking, swimming, playing tennis, playing catch, basketball and being active with her son or spending time knitting, baking, or having family movie nights where they spend time "lounging on the couch without laptops or tablets on our laps!"


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  • Christy Matte, 5 of 8


    How long can you unplug?


    "I'm online to work, communicate with family and friends, research, get news, get recipes, and even play. I get twitchy after about 6-8 hours offline but generally don't go more than an hour or two without checking in when I'm home."


    What does Christy do when she unplugs?


    "I'm pretty good at unplugging when I'm out for a day with the family, like at a zoo or a museum, although I may sneak a peek during a quiet moment. I don't make a conscious effort to unplug but do make an effort to be present in whatever I'm doing with my kids."


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  • Beth Blecherman, 6 of 8


    How long can you unplug?


    "It's hard for me to unplug because technology and being online is not only the way I get my news, connect with my community but it is also my work." Having recently published My Parent Plan, Beth follows what she tells her readers by making a daily plan to unplug. "I actually make a daily plan to unplug. When I didn't have a plan, I would find myself sneaking looks at my phone when I was supposed to be unplugging.


    What Beth does when she unplugs?


     She has a conversation with each member of her family and exercises while using her phone to listen to music.


    Follow Beth on Twitter @TechMama , visit, and learn more about her new book, My Parent Plan.

  • LoriCunningham, 7 of 8

    How long can you unplug?


    "45 minutes"


    What does Lori do when she unplugs?


    "I enjoy taking a morning walk to get in some exercise, breathe in fresh air, think over things, and take in God's beauty. It's my time to recharge. That being said, although I don't carry my cellphone, I always have my Striiv, pedometer, and BodyMedia Link on! Once my 45 minute walk is over, I'm checking email!"


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  • Tasso Roumeliotis, 8 of 8

    How long can you unplug?


    "The more immersed I become in mobile technology, the more important it becomes to make deliberate decisions about when, how often and for how long I connect. One of the habits I practice is no gadgets on planes (and I travel a lot)."


    What does Tasso do when he unplugs?


    "Unplugging gives me time to sit, to think, to just be. When I do this for myself, I'm more focused and effective in the rest of my life. Plus I want to show my kids what it really looks like to be digitally healthy, to be in charge of technology, rather than being run by it."


    Tasso is the Founder & CEO of Location Labs, makers of Safely apps for families. Follow him on Twitter @TassoR

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