Send Smartphone Pics To Your Loved One’s Printer (From Anywhere!) In a Few Simple Steps

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With the invention of social media networks, sharing spur of the moment smartphone images with family and friends is as easy as uploading pics directly to your network of choice. Now that seemingly everything, including printers, can connect to the web, instantly printing smartphone images from your smartphone during a weekend vacation straight to your printer at home is a piece of cake.

Everybody in your family may not be as tech-savvy as you are. They may not be checking their smartphone or tablet for social media updates every second. As a result, it’s a safe bet to also assume they don’t have a web-enabled printer either. That doesn’t mean you can’t send them high quality mobile pics. Google Cloud Print makes it so that your smartphone images are sent directly to their printer, as long as their printer is connected to a computer with internet access.

Don’t believe me? Here is a quick walk-through on setting up Google Cloud Print so you can send mobile pictures from your smartphone … anywhere.

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    Send Smartphone Pics Anywhere with Google Cloud Print via
    Google Cloud Print makes it easy to skip the middle man and send and print beautiful smartphone image directly to family and friends.
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    HP Google Cloud Print Ready Printers via

    If your family member (we will call her "Granny") does have a Google Cloud Ready printer, then congrats — you can skip this step. Each brand will have their own instructions on getting up and running.


    Methinks she hasn't updated their printer in a while. Just in case Granny hasn't been tech shopping recently, you will need to jot down her printer brand and model number and visit the Google Cloud Ready Printers page to find out what she's working with.


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    Google Cloud Print - Google Services via

    If your assumption was correct, and Granny doesn't have a cloud ready printer, you can still send images to a "classic" printer as long as it's connected to a computer that can access the web. Printing images using Google Cloud Print is done via the web using Google Services (not surprising), so the first step is ensure Granny's computer has the Google Chrome Browser, and she has a Google Account.

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    Google Cloud Print - Enable Google Cloud Print via

    Once she is set up with Chrome, you can add a classic printer by navigating to Chrome Settings/Show advanced settings/"Sign in to Google Cloud Print". Using her Google account information, Granny can sign in and see a list of printers connected to her computer.

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    Google Cloud Print - Connected Printers via

    As long as the printer is connected and set up on her computer, it should show up in the "Printers" section of Google Cloud Print. Select the printer and click "Add printer(s) to register it with Google Cloud Print.

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    Google Cloud Print - Share Printer via

    Now that Granny's printer is "in the cloud," she has to give you permission to access her printer. This is done via email. In the "Printers" tab of Google Cloud Print, Granny will select the printer and click the green "Share" button. That will pull up a sharing settings page, where Granny will add your email address as well as select whether she want to let you just print or mange her printer in the cloud.

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    Google Cloud Print - Accept Printer via

    This will trigger an email asking you to accept Granny's request to share her printer. Adding the Printer from the email message will prompt Google to create a Google Cloud Print account for you and Granny's invite to share her printer will be waiting for you to accept.

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    Google Cloud Print - Mobile Printing on Android

    Everything isn't automatic, as you may have to remind Granny that you want to send some pictures of the grandkids so she can swap out the regular printer paper with some glossy photo paper. That's the only work she will have to do, as everything else is handled on your end.


    You will have to download a Google Cloud Print Ready app to your smartphone, that will send photo print jobs from your smartphone directly to Granny's printer. You just have to remember to use the same email to set up the apps that you used to accept Granny's printer sharing invite.


    Once set up, you will be able to snap pics from your smartphone, load them up in the printer app, select Granny's printer, and BOOM, beautiful smartphone pics, sent directly to Granny. Or, you can just get a Granny a Cloud-Ready printer from HP and save yourself a heap of time and tech support troubleshooting.

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