Shiny Object: Introducing Shopetti, A New Way To Shop Online

Introducing Shopetti, and incredible way to shop online.What if you could take pretty much everything you love about Pinterest, make it even simpler, and then buy everything you’ve saved all at once? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Good news: that’s exactly what Shopetti does.

Shopetti is still in beta, but it’s worth using now. Here’s how it works: you have a toolbar bookmarklet (similar to the Pinterest “pin it” button), and while you are shopping on any of the twenty stores featured on Shopetti (including biggies such as Target, Toys R’ Us, and Best Buy among others), you can “grab it” and put it in a cart on Shopetti. You can have multiple carts so you can organize your shopping choices, and easily swap items between carts.

And here is where the magic happens: when you are ready to buy the items, you can buy them ALL through Shopetti with a single click. Yes, even if you have items from five different stores in that cart, you can check out with a single click.

Yes, really.

I’ve played with the app for a few days, and being in beta, the app isn’t 100% perfect yet. In order to activate the “grab it” button, you need to be sure to be on a product page and not a list page, and I found it slow to pop up on occasion. The way the app is currently laid out it’s very functional but not particularly pretty, but I imagine that will evolve as well.

Shefa Weinstein, CEO of Shopetti.
The lovely Shefa Weinstein, founder and CEO of Shopetti.

When I spoke with Shefa Weinstein, the CEO and cofounder of the site, I gently chided her about not having many plus-size offerings yet (Shopetti does feature several stores that offer a plus-size section, however, including Old Navy and JC Penney). She grew very serious and immediately jotted down the names of the stores she should consider offering, so there is no doubt that the list of stores will continue to grow over time.

I asked Shefa what inspired her to create the site, and she told me that after moving to Israel (and being very happy there), she found she really missed shopping in American stores. “The internet is designed for buying, not shopping,” stated Shefa. “I wanted to be able to browse online and come back to the items I’ve chosen later.” She longed for a place where she could easily comparison shop between stores, and even invite her friends to look at items with her and offer suggestions. The gem of an idea was formed, and eventually Shopetti was born with the help of the Microsoft Accelerator Program in Israel (an honor bestowed to only a few startups each year).

Shefa is thinking big; she hopes to eventually add the capacity for stores to add themselves to the site and therefore expand your shopping possibilities. While Shopetti might be a bootstrapped startup that launched silently only a few weeks ago, I think it’s fair to say it is an app to keep your eye on.

And if you are starting your holiday shopping, well, you want to go grab yourself that bookmarklet immediately. You won’t regret it, I promise. Here’s a video below that explains it far better than I can.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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