Shiny Object: Waterlogue App Turns Photos Into Gorgeous Watercolors

Water color photo from Waterlogue of woods.
A photo I took while hiking Saturday, run through Snapseed, then through Waterlogue.

It’s easy to get swept up in fun photo apps; I’ve downloaded at least 30 in the last year alone. But I tend to use just a handful with any regularity. I love Snapseed and Afterlight, and I also like Over quite a bit (although I use it less now, but my daughter uses it all the time). And Instagram goes without saying, although I rarely use their filters these days, preferring to edit my photos in Snapseed.

But I do believe I will be adding Waterlogue into the rotation. It’s by far the most effective and sophisticated app that transforms your images from lovely photos into gorgeous watercolors.

The photo there on the left is one I took while walking the trails in the woods this last weekend. I enjoyed being outside on a warmish day, even though the trails were nothing but a mess of yellow mud and compacted ice that refuses to melt. I took a handful of pictures, but they didn’t capture the spirit of the day that feeling of being able to walk in the woods without a coat on, of seeing the ground again at last, and of seeing the light through the trees. Instead the photos just looked muddy.

But once I ran the image through the Waterlogue app? Then it looks just like it did on the trail. Here’s the original picture and the image from our walk side by side, so you can get a sense of how it works.

trails ba

Unfortunately, I found that you need photos taken in pretty strong light if you want your water color version to have any definition. This is a photo I took of a pretty awesome sunset recently (from my front porch), and while the Waterlogued version is really gorgeous, you lose the definition of the sunset. I still like both images, however.

sunset images

I’m also not sure how well it looks with faces. You can adjust elements, such as how defined the “brush” is, which help draw out elements of an image (there are also different “filters”). My daughter has strong features, and the Waterlogue app made her eyes look amazing, but her mouth looks a bit odd in the image below. I still kind of love it, though.

tori b and a

I’m most excited about using this app for images on my personal blog. It allows me to “freshen” older photos, and also creates a sort of mood that I think works well on certain posts. I’m really looking forward to playing with it more, particularly as we head into spring and summer.

The Waterlogue app is $2.99, and is only currently available for iOS.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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