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It’s pretty popular to be a tree hugger earth conscious nowadays. We are slowly starting to drive smaller cars that guzzle less gas and produce less smoke. We are keeping the blue trashcans stacked with recyclables, and we are eating more natural foods.

The one place we fail at conservationism is when it comes to printing paper. We will just send a document to the printer and keep it moving, especially if we have to sign and send a document. Most people normally print out the document, sign the document, scan it back into their computer, just to send the signed document to it’s recipient.

You should know by now that I know a better way to sign and send a legally binding document without killing any more trees. So here are 7 digital signature apps to get your documents signed, sealed, and delivered…digitally.

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    7 signature apps to get your documents signed, sealed, and delivered digitally
  • Adobe Reader 2 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - Adobe Reader via

    Nine times out of ten, you're probably already using the Adobe Reader as the defacto way to view PDF's on your mobile device. Why not it to quickly sign documents as well? Signing documents is built-in and lets you add text fields and sign documents to be sent directly via email or uploaded to the Adobe cloud to share you documents with other Adobe services.


    Free for iOS, Android

  • SignMyPad 3 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - SignMyPad via

    Probably the one thing that holds people back from adopting digital signature apps is they think it's complicated. SignMyPad is one of the easiest signature apps to use. Simply import a document from the web or your cloud storage service, add text, check box, and date fields, sign your name with your finger or stylus, and send right from the app. You can also store saved signatures to save even more time.


    $3.99 - iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, Nook

  • SignEasy 4 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - SignEasy via

    In a perfect world, all the documents you need to sign on you mobile device would be neatly organized in one file format. Of course we know that's not the case. The advantage of using SignEasy is that it lets you sign just about any file format - From a PDF to a Word document, to a JPEG image, it all can be signed and sent with just a few strokes of your finger.


    Free to download for iOS, Android, BlackBerry

  • DocuSign Ink 5 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - DocuSign Ink via

    It's one thing when only you need to sign a document. It's a whole 'nother ballgame when multiple people have to sign a document. DocuSign Ink can still get the job done by letting you electronically send documents to sign and manage your documents in one place until all parties have signed. DocuSin Ink also lets you add "sign here" tags so the right people sign in the right places.

    Free to download for iOS, Windows, Android

  • HelloSign 6 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - HelloSign via

    If you do have a physical document that you need to sign and send, but you're nowhere near a scanner, HelloSign is a simple to use app that lets you scan and sign documents using your mobile device. HelloSign is my favorite digital signature app because when teamed up with its brother HelloFax, you can scan, sign and send or fax documents digitally without ever touching a piece of paper.

    Free for iOS, Android and Web

  • Adobe EchoSign 7 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - Adobe Echo Sign via

    If you've stepped your game up and need a more robust version of Adobe Reader to sign and manage your documents, the Adobe EchoSign app is a mobile extension of the online service that gives you the ability to hand your mobile device to another person to get their signature in person. Other high-powered features include to access, review, and sign documents without a network connection.


    Free to download for iOS

  • RightSignature In-Person 8 of 8
    Digital Signature Apps - RightSignature In-Person via

    RightSignature In-Person is one of those apps for traveling salesmen on-the-go professionals who always need customers/clients to sign documents to complete a deal. Users can set up templates to make it easy to draft legally-binding documents on the spot. The templates can also include interactive fields that will get highlighted when a signer taps the field with their finger or stylus, making it simple to add text, dates, check boxes and signatures in the right spots.


    Free to download for iOS


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