Suffer From Asthma? There’s an App (and Device) For That: Meet MySpiroo

I spent countless hours in emergency rooms as a child (and, truth be told, as an adult) getting treated for asthma attacks. Of course when I was young, it was a relatively rare thing and the doctors were hesitant to diagnose me but today there are  more than 6.8 million children with asthma in the United States.

Those of us with asthma are well familiar with a device called a “peak flow meter.” It’s a plastic contraption that you blow into as hard as you can to see how well your lungs are moving air. If you have moderate or severe asthma, chances are your doctor has told you to use it regularly and write down your results to see if there are any patterns to your asthma flare ups.

And chances are if you or your kid has asthma, your peak flow meter is hidden away in your junk drawer and hasn’t seen any use since the last asthma attack.

This is what makes the new digital peak flow meter called MySpiroo so exciting. It’s tiny easy enough to stick in a purse or backpack and plugs into the speaker jack on your smart phone. Then the accompanying app tracks your results, creating reports you can share with your doctor.

Created by Peter BajtaÅ‚a, Mateusz ŁudzeÅ„ and Łukasz KoÅ‚towski and their Polish startup, MySpiroo hasn’t reached the point of production yet, but the creators are working with a Polish pharma company to hopefully bring the product to market. Plans are in the works to create both a Pro version for doctors and a less expensive version for patients, as well as a bluetooth compatible version that won’t even need to connect to your phone.

I have to confess that I’m much more likely to regularly use a peak flow meter if it’s digital, and I’ll bet your kids will too. Let’s hope this gets to market sooner rather than later.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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