Take Your Best Shot! 7 Phenomenal iPhone Photo Apps

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Photos are always best when time is taken to crop, lighten, or touched up before they’re sent to your mobile printer to be printed and shared in a non-digital way but let’s be honest — these things take time that’s a premium for busy parents. I have a folder of photo apps on my phone that I pick and choose from to enhance the subject matter of my photo. With just a tap, I can draw the viewer’s eye to a single spot with the MarbleCam app, be glad I’m not lugging around my bulkier camera thanks to ProCamera, or instantly add some words to an image to capture the spontaneity of a moment that might be lost by the time I get around to writing on the back of my printed picture.  Here are just seven phenomenal iPhone photo apps  that I use on a regular basis that make it easy to capture incredible photos and edit them directly from the app for more stunning pictures.


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  • ProCamera 2 of 8

    That DSLR you've been eyeing? Forget about it. Save the time you would have spent researching and all that money by investing in ProCamera. This full featured app includes stabilization to get the sharpest photos in any situation, a self timer for even better selfies, 6x photo and video zoom that is even digitally processed for even better results, rapid fire burst to continuously snap photos of kids or sporting events, and a full screen trigger where your entire iPhone screen can be used to capture an image. Cool tools in the Pro Lab allow you to use 12 tools to enhance your photos while ProFX provides 36 effects that can be used with a single touch before you share images with your favorite social networks, send them via email, or save them to DropBox. ProCamera is a robust app that you take even better photos with your iPhone and will make you stop lusting over that DSLR. 

    $4.99 from the iTunes Store


    Images courtesy of ProCamera

  • MarbleCam 3 of 8

    Imagine if you were holding a glass marble and were focused on the image being reflected in it with a macro lens. That's what you get from MarbleCam. Artsy types who love sharing cool pictures on Instagram and wowing their friends on Facebook with their creative images will love MarbleCam that turns an element from the scene you're shooting upside down and allowing it remain in focus while the rest is blurred. Simply gorgeous with endless possibilities. 

    Free from the iTunes Store.


    Images courtesy of MarbleCam

  • Polamatic 4 of 8

    Sure, we could use Instagram filters for a throwback to yesteryear but Polamatic brings back the instant nostalgia that we all love about Polaroids. Capture your photo right from the app, select one of the 12 different Polaroid frames, adjust the color, use any of the dozen photo effects to customize your shot, add some text to the bottom of the border frame, and save it to your gallery for printing or share it. Easy as pie! 

    $1.99 from the iTunes Store.


    Images courtesy of Polamatic

  • OutMyWindow 5 of 8

    Put yourself in the movies by adding Hollywood-inspired filters, frames, and stickers from Warner Brothers to your photos thanks to OutMyWindow. Mini golfing? Snap a photo and add the Caddyshack frame. Capturing an intense soccer game? Use the action filter to transform a shot from an everyday game into something more special. Need to dress up your photos? Add some neat accessories like hats, movie star shades, or spotlights. Or be on the lookout for frames from current movies that put you in some of the scenes you saw on the big screen. OutMyWindow is pure fun and adds a great element to photos before they're printed and added to albums or shared socially with friends and family. 

    Free from the iTunes Store.


    Images courtesy of OutMyWindow

  • SplitPic 6 of 8

    If you've ever wanted to clone yourself in a single photo, SplitPic is your app to do so via photos. The app allows you to split the photo two or three times, either horizontally or vertically, to make yourself appear in the photo more than once. It's a cool effect  that will leave people viewing your photo scratching their head and wondering how you did that. You can also use it to capture a series of photos for a more story-like quality in your images. Surprise kids with printed photos of siblings' faces morphed together or a family member's face on the dog's body! 

    Free from the iTunes Store


    Images courtesy of SplitPic

  • SketchMe 7 of 8

    If you lack artistic skills, not to worry. SketchMe can take care of that for you by allowing you to convert photos into sketches thanks to seven different effects. Choose among photos in your iPhone's library (ones with a light background work best) and convert them into pencil drawings done in a variety of different styles that can feature color or be left as black and white. A photo created with SketchMe would make a great gift when printed, framed, and matted with the original. 

    $0.99 from the iTunes Store


    Images courtesy of SketchMe

  • A Beautiful Mess 8 of 8

    Parents who had lofty goals of scrapbooking need not look any further than A Beautiful Mess which allows users to add text and phrases to their images right from the app. There are also doodles, filters, and borders for more fun. In-app purchases are available to provide even more borders, phrases, shapes, and doodles for being creative right on your phone before printing out your photo and adding it to an album.

    The app and additional in-app purchases are available for $0.99 each from the iTunes Store


    Images courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

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