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At my age, I’m old enough to remember a time when nobody had access to easy video recording. In high school, I was in the AV Club (ah, the 80s) and the only portable cameras we had access to weighed about twenty pounds. They were massive and hard to wear on your shoulders for more than a few minutes at a time.

Video has come a long way since then (side note: dang, I’m old) and today I can shoot pretty high-quality video of my daughter with a tiny device that weighs about six ounces my iPhone.

But there have been times I’ve wished I could shoot some higher quality video than what my iPhone can deliver. A video I could use on my blog, perhaps, or even just a memorable moment with my daughter.

That’s where Ultrakam steps in. It’s an app that can turn your phone’s camera into a serious cinematic tool that shoots in 2K high definition. It’s not the cheapest app it’s currently $6.99 at the app store but when you consider the power it adds to your iPhone video capabilities, it’s well worth it.

Here’s what I’ve found using it so far… First, the good: it’s GREAT in low light. Far better than the native iPhone camera app. It does create more noise, however (meaning there is more light bleed) even in daylight, but the quality is unmatched. You can zoom while recording, which is nice, but it doesn’t look smooth while you zoom like an external video camera does and you can pinch to zoom, of course. The raw footage once you export it into a video editing platform is pretty amazing, even when you zoom in and crop.

The main problem? It’s a HUGE memory eater. One minute of video, at the highest quality setting, takes 3GB of storage. Ouch. In fact, I’ve only been able to use it successfully when I’ve just downloaded and stored all my photos and videos off my phone. It also sucks down your battery.

But overall? It’s not a bad investment. If you’re interested in a more complete and more technical review than the one I gave, check out the video below.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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