Shiny New Object: Tech-Savvy Post-it Notes

 Evernote Post-itsPost-it Notes are not only iconic in all their brightly-hued glory, but they are essentials in my life. Post-it’s just got better for tech-savvy note takers, thanks to new Evernote Post-it notes. Now you can digitize and compile your handwritten sticky notes with a new feature on the Evernote App. On any given day, I have Post-it Brand items stuck to my computer screen, flagging items in my paper day planner, or scattered around the kitchen, noting various items on my to-do list, reminding me of errands and groceries, and sparking ideas for blog posts. Post-it Notes have always been an essential organization tool for my type-A self — until I forget to grab the note from the kitchen counter with the list of groceries I was supposed to pick-up, or when I find that awesome idea for my next big blog post at the bottom of my purse months later.

Now, I can jot my note on any one of the four colors of notes, color code my notes for an additional layer of organization, and then digitize them to preserve them for all posterity. Even better — you can simply snap a photo through the app to make the digital image searchable and shareable for your smartphone, computer, tablet, or the web.

This is another win for us writers: In 2012, Evernote introduced their first foray into digitalized paper products with the Evernote Moleskine notebooks and journals — satisfying hybrid users who love taking notes on paper but appreciate the convenience of technology for archiving, searching, and sharing — to make the days of jumbled, crumpled Post-its with backs that no longer stick a thing of the past.

Post-it Products Evernote Collection comes in single packs set in a white tray ($15.95 each) or a set of four packs with trays for $29.95, and are available from the Evernote Market and office supply retailers. Each pack of Evernote Post-it’s come with a code for a month of free Evernote Premium that usually costs $5 a month or $45 for the year.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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