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[Tech-Tip] Now You Can Talk To Google For Hands-Free Search

Now You Can Talk To Google For Hands-Free Search via Babble.comActually, that has been the case for quite some time. There has been a microphone button in the right-corner of the Google search box that you could click to speak your search terms to all-knowing Google. One-click, that’s it.

For the folks at Google, one click was one too many and has recently released the Google Voice Search Hotword Chrome extension (yes, you have to be using Google Chrome browser) that enables you to go completely hands-free. Similar to the Android smartphone voice search functionality, you can now speak the phrase “OK Google” to search the web and complete tasks like set timers, reminders, and calendar events.

You do have to give the Google permission use to your microphone. Doing so will allow to simply say “OK Google” and a large red microphone will appear and await your verbal instructions. For what it’s worth, the extension will only send your voice search queries to Google, and doesn’t work everywhere in Chrome — only in a Google search window or tab. Additionally, Google Voice Search Hotword extension will only listen in for a total of five minutes before disabling itself.

Between Apple’s Siri, Google, Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming platform, and other voice-controlled gadgets and gizmos, that future we have only seen in movies is starting to become a reality. Google’s Hotword extension is available in the Chrome Webstore (currently in beta) and comes just in time to do some hands-free searching for, I dunno, Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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