Technology and College Admissions

college and technologyLike everything else, technology has changed the way we choose a college or university. 18 years ago, when I was exploring my college options – my main resource was the school counselor. She had brochures, gave her opinion as to what she thought best for me and OMG we so didn’t agree on anything. Having 2 parents who didn’t attend college, I was at a loss as to where I should go, what I should do, how I would pay, etc. My only resource ended up being the local community college. While all worked out in the end, it was super frustrating not knowing what to do about college. Fast forward to 2013, hello technology and hello access to information at our fingertips.

Now a days, finding colleges is simple. A recent Google study shows that 9 in 10 students use the internet to research higher education institutes. Finding what people have to say about a college, how much a college costs, what the culture is like, or any other information you could want to know about a school can be found with a simple search.

Before selecting a college, typically a prospective student goes on a college visit. This allows him or her to explore the campus, meet with counselors and current students, and get an overall feel for what life would be like if he or she went to school there. While these trips are extremely beneficial, they are costly and time consuming, and can be frustrating if the college isn’t a good fit.

Google wants to help students with the college admission process by taking the majority of it virtual. Google has partnered with various colleges and universities to utilize Google + Hangouts to aid with college admissions. Rather than traveling cross-country to see a school you aren’t 100% sure of, these schools have admission counselors and alumni available to answer questions via a Hangout. Private Hangouts are allow colleges to do interviews as well.

While we have another 6 or so years before we start exploring college options for our kids, I’m so glad it will at least be easier to understand, and any hiccups that we have – it will be easier to find out answers.

I don’t see Google totally taking the college admission process virtual, but looks like they are headed to at least simplify and clarify certain aspects of it!

Has Technology Helped You or Your Kids Further Their Education?

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