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best feature on facebookLike many of you, I have been on Facebook the last few years. The first several months, I spent in awe of connecting with all of these people from my past. Facebook is like a living yearbook. Year after year, all tracked on our timelines. While I love Facebook and sometimes reading the lame statuses of friends is therapeutic, it can also be a waste of time. The information that I was learning was pretty useless. Fortunately, I found another feature that has given me a new appreciation for this social media outlet.

So what is the best feature on Facebook? Personally, I think it’s Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups – the New Message Boardfacebook groups

Not familiar with the group feature on Facebook? You can search for these using the search – for instance, I just searched “Groups about Dallas, Texas” and found a plethora of results. You will find just about anything on these groups. Some are “open” which means you are free to join instantly. “Closed” means that you can ask to be included. Then there are some that are “secret’ that will not show in results. These are groups that are off the grid and won’t appear – for instance one of our blogger group is this, where it is invite only.

Have you ever joined a forum or a message board? The Facebook Groups remind me of the old school message boards, but the cool things – the accounts are linked to profiles. No avatars with fake names (of course, there are some fake FB accounts…) – these are real people connecting on a particular niche. Here is how I use Facebook Groups.

Last year, our mom’s group at church started a group to talk about all things moms. With a variety of parenting experience, this group has become an asset when having questions you want answers for – but don’t necessarily want to run to Google. We have moms talking about everything from milk leaking to letting everyone know when there is a sale on diapers.

My sister started inviting me to all of these blogger Facebook groups. We are both bloggers and she had started connecting with other bloggers in our area. I obliged and have met quite a few new local people who do the same thing I do which has been a total blessing. It’s been a great way to ask questions and learn more about the blogging industry.

Last month, I learned our neighborhood has a Facebook group. I joined, and while of course there are the typical cripes you would expect someone to post about this – the group has become a wonderful resource to the community. We moved here 7 months ago, and still don’t know the area. Connecting with neighbors we would of never met has been a neat experience. In addition to that, this group really wants the best for the community. There is a lady who posts whenever our animal shelter is in need of pet food. Another is organizing a back to school drive and is gathering school supplies. When the police were all over part of the neighborhood a few nights ago, various neighbors were able to provide insight as to what was going on.

If you haven’t tried Facebook groups, do and maybe it will be what you call the best feature on Facebook as well.

Are you a part of any Facebook Groups?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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