The iPhone Hearing Aid: Perfect for Aging Gen Xers (like me)

Hearing AidI have a dear friend (that shall remain nameless) that recently discovered she has extensive hearing damage and is going to need to get hearing aids soon. As women over forty, we both bemoan the way our age is beginning to show in our bodies, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I too need hearing assistance; the women in my family nearly always become deaf as they get older.

Luckily, the technology for hearing aids has come a long way since my grandmother’s cranky beige clunker that helped her not at all and now, you will be able to have your hearing aid double as headphones, thanks to a partnership between Apple and Denmark’s GN Store Nord.

Yep. It’s the first iPhone hearing aid.

In a statement announcing the hearing aid in October, the aim is not only to make a great hearing aid but to also help eliminate the stigma associated with wearing them. Of course, it does this by making a great, tiny product that matches your skin tone.

“The ReSound LiNX™ hearing aid is the smallest wireless form factor from GN ReSound ever sitting discreetly behind the ear and offered in 10 hair and skin tone colors to reduce visibility. Along this, four receiver levels for optimal size and output ratio, which fits 90% of hearing losses, are also featured in the hearing aid. It also has five receiver lengths for precise physical fit, a push button for onboard access to multiple programs, a 312 battery for easy handling, secure receiver locking mechanism, new silicon microphones for optimized size and reliability and iSolate Nanotech™¬†coating inside and out making ReSound LiNX™¬†water repellant.”

Called the ReSound LiNX, it will be available in limited quantities shortly, with a full roll out in 2014. I’m hoping my nameless friend will find this news moderately comforting.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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