The Kindle Fire HDX: Is it time to upgrade your Kindle?

feature-os._V355642114_The tablet market is seriously heating up these days, and Amazon just set it on fire with the release of the new Kindle Fire HDX (excuse the pun; it’s just too obvious to avoid). The tablet is currently available for pre-order (expected to ship in about two weeks).

The reviews of the latest Kindle Fire tablet are so effusive and enthusiastic you begin to wonder if they are paid, but I have to admit the features on this one are pretty cool. It is, however, significantly more expensive than the current Kindle Fire $90 more for the 7″ version, and $150 more for the 8.9″ option putting it on par with the iPad mini.

Of course, this is the goal: it’s clear the Kindle Fire HDX is aiming to knock out the market for the iPad, and it seems it could actually happen.

So what are the coolest features on this latest Kindle?

• It’s lighter. I love my current Kindle Fire, but I’ll admit my iPad mini is easier to use for long periods because it’s lighter. The Kindle Fire HDX is more than 20% lighter, and is considerably more sleek according to reviews. This is very appealing.

• OfficeSuite built-in. I, personally, can’t do content creation on a tablet. I like a full-size keyboard and an operating system I know well. However, if you work in an office and can bring a device to meetings, the Kindle HDX looks like it might be a great option to follow along on spreadsheets and documents.

• Faster. Every review of the new Kindle is crowing about the new faster speed. This makes sense; the Kindle Fire HDX offers up a Quad-Core 2.2 GHz vs. the Dual-Core 1.5 GHz in the current model.

• Bigger. The Kindle Fire HDX offers storage all the way to 64 GB. This is particularly good news when you combine it with the news you can download movies and shows to your Kindle from Amazon Prime for offline viewing.

• 4G available. Yes, the Kindle Fire HDX offers optional 4G network capability (although this will slightly increase the weight of the tablet).

Overall, it looks like the Kindle Fire HDX is a solid choice for a tablet. Will you be upgrading?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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