The Positive Effects Technology Has On Children

There is so much to be said about technology and the effect it has on our children. I, for one, feel technology in moderation is a fantastic tool for everyone in the family.

In recent posts, I have shared both the negative and obsessive effects technology can have on both children and parents.

As parents, it is imperative to teach children about the potential dangers they may face online. For starters, get them to learn more about the internet and respect the power it carries if used carelessly. Providing them with a solid foundation and leading by example makes for a well-rounded digital child.

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  • Easier conversations 2 of 8

    Technology is making it easier for parents to have conversations with children. Topics that are hard to discuss are now made easier with resources, websites, videos, etc.
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  • Time and organizational skills 3 of 8

    The internet is a great tool to use to teach the importance of organization. Less clutter provides kids more opportunity to not be bogged down by 'stuff.' Show them the importance of time-management by creating a family calendar and/or folder in the cloud for all their school drawings and paperwork.
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    Use the internet to provide teachable moments. Have kids read articles about the negative effects oversharing can have on their lives.
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    Technology should be used to enhance a child's experiences. 

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  • It brings you closer 6 of 8

    Use technology to redefine how you spend time as a family. Revamp family game night and have some digital fun. 

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  • Window to the world 7 of 8

    The internet provides children with endless possibilities of what can be. They can explore other countries, cultures, etc. to learn more about how others live or to find out more about their potential.
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  • Moderation 8 of 8

    Creating healthy online habits and setting limits provides children with an online/offline balance.
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