The Secret to Finding the Best of Netflix

netflixI don’t know about you, but I am ALL about Netflix these days. If it weren’t for some stupid bundle deal with our FIOS, we would of cut cable months ago.

The popularity of Netflix is at an all-time high, so much so that it has become a verb. Netflixing. And Netflixing is something I have started to do a lot of!

I never considered myself much of a “tv person” until I watched an entire series on Netflix, in which many TV series have followed.  After I watch an episode and know that it’s watch-worthy, I’ll watch it like I am training for the olympics. It’s really quite sad and very much defines the word: Netflixing. Recently, there has been a lull in my Netflixing. We are wrapping up House of Cards, I finished Gossip Girl — and until Orange is the New Black starts up again I had no clue what to watch? Finding good shows and movies on Netflix is a problem. Fortunately, I have found a great solution.

Finding the Best of Netflix

So there are a zillion shows and movies on Netflix, but what to watch? Netflix’s interface isn’t consistent. I watch Netflix on way too many devices (xBox, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV, my computer, my iPad, iPhones) and the interface changes on various devices. After you have watched all of your friend’s recommendations, and you are tired of starting and stopping movies because they down right suck, what’s a “Netflixer” to do?

Meet A Better Que (Your New Best Netflixing Friend)

a better que

A Better Que is a site that acts as the ultimate search engine for Netflix. Here are the filters you can search by: Tomatometer (rotten tomato rating), number of reviews, the year of movies you are searching for, and genres.  Isn’t it great? Now you can find an 80’s movie that gets rave tomato reviews, without clicking thru a million movie titles.

I am loving it. There are a few things I would LOVE to see A Better Que do — like search NEW shows and movies — but hey, it’s free and a great resources to finding the best of Netflix.

What Show Are You Netflixing?

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