21 Best Online Photography Resources

Now a days, everyone is a photographer. Whether you sport a fancy DSLR, a compact point-and-shoot or maybe you just user your smart phone, we all love our photos.

As a mom to 4 kids, my camera or iphone is always with me. Yes, I am one of THOSE moms who documents every moment with a photograph.  While I am by no means pro, over the years have collected a good deal of knowledge on this topic.

Here are my favorite online photography resources. Check out this extensive online photography guide and learn:

  • Best sites for find free online photography tutorials
  • Where to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Best places to view online camera reviews
  • Where to purchase photography equipment
  • Best place to store your photos online
  • Best online photo editor sites
  • Best places to get your photos printed online

  • Guide to Online Photography Resources 1 of 29

    Learn the best online photography tutorials, camera reviews, where to store your photographs & more in this ultimate guide to online photography resources!

  • Best Online Photography Tutorials 2 of 29

    Get your learn how with these fabulous and FREE online photography tutorials.  These online photo classes are excellent in teaching you everything you want to know about photography.

  • Digital Photography School 3 of 29

    Digital Photography School is an excellent resource for just about anything you want to know in regards to photography.

  • iPhone Photography School 4 of 29

    iPhone Photography Tutorials offers a wide array of tutorials on various aspect of photography, from your iPhone!

  • Kevin & Amanda 5 of 29

    Kevin and Amanda offers friendly (and user-friendly) tutorials with a human, down to Earth tone.

  • Learn Photoshop and Lightroom 6 of 29

    Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are the primary software applications of professional photographers. Learn how to user the software with free online tutorials.

  • Adobe 7 of 29

    Adobe is the software maker of both Photoshop and Lightroom. If you have a specific question, check out the online forums. There are eager helpful community members that can help you figure just about anything out.

  • udemy 8 of 29

    Udemy offers 90 free online courses teaching you the in's and out's of Adobe Photoshop!

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips 9 of 29

    Lightroom Killer Tips offers great tutorials for Lightroom. Make sure to check out their great video tutorials as well.

  • Best Online Photo Editors 10 of 29

    Edit your photos without downloading any software with these great online photo editors.

  • Pixlr 11 of 29

    Pixlr is my favorite online photo editor. It offers a similar layout to Photoshop. In addition to opening photos, you can import photos from the web or create a graphic from a blank canvas.

  • PicMonkey 12 of 29

    PicMonkey allows you simple photo and graphic editing. Add text to your photos, put a border on it, create a collage - PicMonkey has you covered!

  • FotoFlexer 13 of 29

    FotoFlexer is a comprehensive online photo editor that gives you the ability to perform numerous filters and edits to your photos. Bonus, it's free!

  • Best Place to Store Photos Online 14 of 29

    While Facebook does hold the largest repository of online photos, maybe you want to keep the majority of your photos private. Here are a few resources for photo storage.

  • Flickr 15 of 29

    Flickr - Yahoo has recently revamped the Flickr interface and offers up to 1 TB of free photo storage. I have used Flickr for the last 8 years and am so glad they revamped! Make sure to check out the Flickr App (iOS or Android)

  • SmugMug 16 of 29

    SmugMug has recently undergone a massive overhaul and is a long-time favorite of many online users. While a basic account will set you back $5/month or $40/year SmugMug offers you a personal website to host your images, a website, unlimited photo uploads, the ability to upload up to 20 minute videos, as well as detailed stats and analytics.

  • Google Photos 17 of 29

    Google Photos -  Google and it's Google+ offers fabulous solution for hosting, editing, organizing and sharing images. Download Picasa for easy organization and uploading of existing photos on your hard drive. 

  • Best Online Camera Review Sites 18 of 29

    Before you buy a camera, make sure to read the reviews. Here are the best places to check out online camera reviews.

  • Amazon for Camera Reviews 19 of 29

    Amazon is a given for online camera reviews. With the mass amount of customers that Amazon has and a community of users that are vocal in reviews, read what others have to say about a camera before you buy it. (I've bought my last 2 DSLRs from Amazon - bonus, they offer great prices!)

  • DP Review 20 of 29

    Digital Photography Preview offers great reviews of cameras and lenses. You will get a good idea of what each brand and type of camera has to offer from what their reviews say.

  • PC Mag 21 of 29

    PC Mag is a great resource, especially if you have no idea what type of camera you want. Maybe you just have a budget and want to know what you can afford - make sure to check PC Mag out!

  • Where to Buy Photo Equipment 22 of 29

    Check out these great resources for purchasing your photography equipment online.

  • Amazon 23 of 29

    Amazon is a great resource to find great deals on photography equipment. Their prices vary from day-to-day so just keep an eye on the camera or lens that you are wanting as chances are you will be able to score a deal!

  • Borrow Lenses 24 of 29

    Borrow Lenses lets you rent high-end lenses for cheap! Maybe you want to do a family photo shoot but don't want to drop a few hundred dollars on a decent lens.... now you don't have to!

  • Adorama 25 of 29

    Adorama is your go to resource for anything specifically related to photography. Photography is their speciality and they offer great customer service.

  • Best Photo Printing 26 of 29

    Find out where to get your photos printed, from on the cheap to high-end professional photo printing.

  • mpix 27 of 29

    MPix was recommended by Upside Down Photography. She loves the print quality, and recommends you check out their metallic prints.

  • Snapfish 28 of 29

    SnapFish offers great deals on prints with good quality. While there are other sites that may offer a cheaper print... if you are wanting your photo processed in a timely manner and with good quality, Snapfish will get the job done.


  • Shutterfly 29 of 29

    Shutterfly is an oldie but a goodie. They provide great pics, decent prices and a great web interface. Download the Shutterfly app for easy printing of your mobile photos!


Now get out your camera and start shooting!

What are Your Favorite Online Photography Sites and Resources?

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