7 Tips and Tools To Protect Your Luggage During Holiday Travel

Visiting family and friends this holiday season always creates lasting memories. So does being stuck in an airport, or worse, losing your luggage or other valuables while traveling to visit family and friends.

It may not be the end of the world, but losing track of your luggage while you’re traveling can be a hassle that you really don’t want to deal with. In addition to figuring out alternative arrangements until your bags can be found, that helpless feeling of being at the mercy of the airline to find your bags can mentally take you out of the holiday spirit!

Here are some tips and tools that can help you take protecting and finding your luggage into your own hands during holiday travel.

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    Tips and tools that can help you take protecting and finding your luggage into your own hands this holiday season.

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  • Document Luggage with Note-taking Apps 2 of 8
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    I hate to say it, but it's only a matter of time before you lose your luggage during a trip. Instead of visually trying to describe your luggage to the airline attendant, or digging through your bag for that baggage ticket (that you probably threw away), why not use note-taking apps like Evernote or Google Keep to snap pictures of your luggage and bag tickets for easy access when the time comes to recall these items?

  • Fly Delta App | Flight and Bag Information 3 of 8
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    If you use Delta for travel regularly, the Fly Delta App is one of the most feature-packed travel apps out there. You can book a flight, check flight status, check-in and receive a mobile ticket, and (drum roll please), track your bags. Simply enter your bag receipt number or scan the receipt barcode, and you can follow your luggage from departure to arrival.

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    Instead of using those flimsy airline-provided baggage tags to add your contact information to your luggage, Dynotag offers custom QR Codes that when scanned, can provide all your contact info on an easy to use web or mobile website. You can also get GPS location information the second your tags are scanned by somebody else.

  • Okoban Global Luggage Tracker Tag | Register Your Luggage 5 of 8
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    If you're a frequent traveler, it might be a good idea to officially register your luggage so that any airport or airline can quickly notify you if your luggage is found. Once the Okaban Global Luggage Tracker Tag is attached to your luggage, it is linked to the airline industry tracing system that's used by 300 airlines and 2,000 airports worldwide.

  • Nio Tag | Track valuables at the airport 6 of 8
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    Many of us have been stuck at the airport during a massive flight delay or cancellation. Fighting with the airline to reschedule your travel plans should be the least of your worries. The Nio Tag is a small device that you can put in your purse, bag, or luggage that can alert your smartphone if you lose or somebody tries to steal your valuables while you're making alternative plans to get home. Nio Tag can work on wandering kids as well.

  • TrackDot | Luggage check-in 7 of 8
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    If you need more specific details on where your luggage is if the airlines lost it, TrackDot is an FAA-approved device you place inside your luggage that uses cellular technology to report its location via sms text message or email anywhere in the world. Even if your luggage isn't lost, TrackDot can provide piece of mind during busy holiday travel and let you know when you luggage arrives.

  • Bluetrack Prime 1300 | Luggage GPS 8 of 8
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    Bluetrack Prime 1300 uses GPS (global positioning system) to pinpoint your luggage globally, which you can access at any time via your computer or mobile device, if it's lost by the airline. If you're anxious about your luggage arriving at its destination if it won't be on the same flight as you are, you can also have Prime 1300 tell you via text message when it reaches a specific location.

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