TSA Posts Confiscated Items to Instagram

Have you ever had something confiscated by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)?  I’ve had my make-up and perfume confiscated – well just about every time I travel. Yes, each time it frustrates me to no end. The TSA has joined Instagram and is showing the world some of the crazy they are confiscating – and what they are posting isn’t make-up and perfume.

This is an interesting use of social media. The photos of the confiscated items posted are both informational and a bit freaky. While some may comment about the TSA’s use of Instagram being a waste of tax payer money…  looking at these images gave me pause as to what people are really bringing to the airport. You have to wonder why someone would want to bring a stun gun disguised as a Marlboro pack of cigarettes on a plane?

While going thru security at the airport is a pain, and sure like any government agency there are all kinds of crazy issues and situations that arrise…  the purpose of the TSA is to protect us as we travel and now we can see some of what we are being protected from on Instagram.

Check out what the TSA is posting on Instagram:

  • What People Bring to the Airport 1 of 10

    The TSA's use of Instagram is clever. Check out a 10 of the confiscated items they have posted to their Instagram account: tsablogteam

  • Belt Buckle Knife 2 of 10

    This is a belt buckle knife. And you wonder why they ask you to remove your belt!

    image source: Instagram

  • Credit Card Knife 3 of 10

    From the comments on Instagram, looks like this could be an item someone easily forgot about in their wallet -- it's a credit card knife.  

    image source: Instagram

  • Derringers 4 of 10

    These derringers (a small pocket pisol - had to look it up) were found in Charleston and Cleveland.

    image source: Instagram

  • WOW 5 of 10

    WOW, from Instagram

    Bayonet and throwing knife discovered at #LongBeach. Inert grenade discovered at #Albany. Dagger discovered at #Austin

    Okay, I can totally see how someone MAY leave a credit card knife in their wallet - but REALLY a bayonet or inert grenade? 

    image source: Instagram

  • Fireworks 6 of 10

    Fireworks and planes don't go together.

    image source: Instagram

  • Loaded Firearm 7 of 10

    This gun as confiscated in Austin, TX. And the Texas Gun jokes continue....

    Loaded firearm discovered in a carry-on bag at Austin Bergstrom airport. 

    image source: Instagram

  • Knife Disguised as a Gun 8 of 10

    The perfect #knife to bring to a#gunfight was discovered in a carry-on bag at #Cleveland

    So it's a knife that's disguised as a gun. 

    image source: Instagram

  • Stun Gun Disguised as Cigarettes 9 of 10

    This is actually a stun gun! You would think whoever the tricky person who is trying to sneak this on a plane would at least spell Marlboro right... or maybe not. 

    image source: Instagram

  • Loaded Pistol 10 of 10

    According to TSA's blog - 44 guns, 35 which were loaded were confiscated last week.  Learn how to properly travel with a firearm.

    image source: Instagram

In addition to Instagram, the TSA is using a blog, Twitter, YouTube and a My TSA app to communicate on how to travel within the rules.

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What Are Your Thoughts on Government Agencies Using Social Media?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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