What to Expect from a Visit to the Genius Bar

Like the numerous tabs that are currently showing in my browser, I run a zillion apps at a time. And like my tabs, I never think about all the apps running. So battery life of my iPhone 5 wasn’t something I ever expected to last longer than say a typical work day. I charge my iPhone while sleeping and driving – so it’s ready to roll whenever I need it.

https://www.babble.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4301426&action=editAbout 2 months ago, I discovered my battery life on the iPhone wasn’t what it used to be. The 6 hours where I could rely on my iPhone being charged was now around 3 hours. Around this time iOS 7 came out. I did a complete wipe of all apps and installed iOS 7 hoping that would make everything right. There were no major changes until a week ago. My 3 hours of battery life had now decreased to an hour.

I live about 30 minutes from the closest Apple store and really hadn’t thought much of bringing my phone in (yes, I can be stubborn) – until my husband kindly reminded me that I had a warranty until November 5th. At that time I jumped online and scheduled an appointment at the genius bar.

Scheduling an appointment on Apple.com is super easy. Just find the Apple store nearest you, choose which device needs to be examined, find an open time and voila! The appointment to look at your device is free. This past Sunday, we loaded the family up – headed to Dallas’ North Park mall and paraded (there are 6 of us, it’s a parade anytime we go anywhere) into the Apple store.

While I have yet to see an Apple Store empty – Sundays are CRAZY town. Upon entering the store, a friendly Apple employee (hint: they are all in blue shirts!) directed me to another employee who had an iPad. She looked up my appointment, escorted me to a chair at the Genius bar and I waited.

We were 15 minutes early and by the crowd – I really thought I would be in for a nice wait. People-watching at the Apple store is quite fun. It’s, well, exactly the opposite of people-watching at Walmart. I immediately felt underdressed and that I needed a blow-out to fit in. The mom bun just isn’t Sunday afternoon Apple store style.

At 3 pm on the dot, a Genius approached, introduced himself, and began to work on my iPhone. Of course the phone had died right before walking into the store.

He hooked my iPhone up to a diagnostic app and within 2 minutes, I was informed it was the battery – and that Lou Reed had died (my CNN pop-up screen sadly announced it to me and the Apple tech). I was instructed to turn off “Find My iPhone” and sign a work order. Then I was told to find the tech guy in 15 minutes and he would have my iPhone in working order. Because my iPhone 5 is under warranty, the fix was free. Typically a new iPhone battery installed would have been $79.99. While the Genius appointment is free – the fixes may or may not be. The tech will be able to give you an estimate on fixes and/or let you know how long your product is in warranty.

15 minutes later, I picked up my iPhone with a new battery.

BOOM.  Just like that. No hassle. No fuss. No long waiting after my appointment time. It was golden. My Apple Store Genius Bar experience reminded me again why I love Apple. Any other place that I’ve tried to get electronics repaired, from a mobile phone store to Geek Squad to a local computer shop – none was as efficient, polite, professional, and as on top of it as the Genius Bar. Now if only my doctor could take note.

What Has Your Experience Been Like at the Genius Bar?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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