What to Expect from the Next Generation iPhone 5S

The event announcements to the press have gone out from Apple about an event that will most likely announce the next generation Apple iPhone 5S on September 10th. Keeping in fashion with past Apple events, the company will more than likely tout some facts, stats, and and figures about all cool stuff the brand has done to date, as if to build up even more anticipation leading up to the real announcement of brand-new devices.

The iPhone rumor-mill prior to the official announcement has been busy as ever with image leaks, feature speculations, and attempting to dissect analysts’ wild and crazy statements… Not to mention the love/hate relationship with the so-called “sources close to the matter.”

Now that we are only a few days away from the official announcement of the next generation iPhone, here is what it looks like you can expect from the next generation iPhone 5S.

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    Here is what you can expect from the next generation iPhone 5S announcement on September 10th.

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    For the past several cycles of the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 3G and 3GS, Apple has released a new iPhone, followed by an upgraded "S" version that looks the same, but with better features the year after. This year should be no different as we will more than likely learn about the iPhone 5S, that will be identical to the current iPhone 5, but with a faster processor, better camera, and longer battery life.

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    What may add a little twist to the iPhone 5S announcement, according to rumors, is the addition of a fingerprint scanner either on the screen or the home button for added phone security. If this rumor is true, you should be able to do things like use the thumbprint to unlock your phone, or verify your identify for app purchases. Who knows what 3rd-Party developers will cook up with the use of biometrics capabilities?

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    There have been pretty solid image leaks of a new champagne gold color that will accompany the current two-tone black and white models. If true, it might be a good move for Apple, who can offer 3 "versions" of the iPhone 5S to give consumers variety, without actually putting out a ton of different products like its competitors.

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    You can always expect Apple to use some exotic materials that come at a cost that's passed down to the consumer, who is ready to invest in a top-of-the line smartphone. What may be a little different for Apple this go-round is the announcement of an inexpensive iPhone 5C that's made out of a plastic body that will come in a wide range of colors. Many say this is Apple's entry into the "emerging markets" to provide a low-cost iPhone to the global masses, in addition to keeping up with the wide variety of Android devices currently available on the market.

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    Most "sources close to the matter" (had to put that in there) are saying that the meat and potatoes of this announcement will be about the iPhone 5S and 5C. You can almost guarantee that Apple will also announce the availability of the revamped iOS 7 operating system

    A thinner, lighter iPad with beveled edges and other styling cues from the current iPad Mini may also make an appearance, as well as a high-resolution (Retina) iPad Mini might be announced.

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    If any of these new devices tickle your fancy, it's a safe bet, based on trends from previous years, that the iPhone 5S and 5C, if announced, will be available by mid-late September, with the new iPads ready by November, just in time for holiday shopping.

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