What Your Facebook Profile Pic Really Says About You

facebook pic say about youWhen it comes to Facebook profile pics, I think I change mine out maybe a few times a year, if that. I love me some Facebook (actually, I love me some PAPER over Facebook, but that’s another post.) The truth of the matter is, when it comes to sharing photos of myself, I keep it on the down low. I am more of an observer than a participator.

I have a phone full of stupid photos of myself — my husband and I at our favorite place (Bellagio fountains!), making stupid faces with my sister, making stupid faces with my kids, and being silly with statues. My phone full of random, fun photos. Unfortunately, until Facebook forces auto-uploads (which I will opt out of!) — these won’t be shown on Facebook. Why? Sure, I love people’s silly photos, but something has been drilled into my head head that stops me. That something is digital footprint. I can’t control everything that’s posted about me, or what photos people post (my mom has learned to upload photos, and each #tbt she post now features a new image of little me), but I can control it somewhat. I can force only photos that I want on my timeline. I can untag myself. I can send threatening messages to my sister — all of which I do, but why?  Maybe it’s just my self consciousness (TOTALLY possible), maybe it’s that I look drunk when I take stupid photos, or maybe it’s just me? What it could be, is that every time I see a posed photo I’m thinking exactly what this below video says.

What Does YOUR Facebook Profile Pic REALLY Say About You?

Watch and LAUGH:


How Often Do You Update Your Facebook Profile Picture?

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