“Where Bloggers Blog” Tumblr Site Is a Hit

Where Bloggers Blog Tumblr takes off!
The author’s office, featured on the site.

When I lived in the city, one of my favorite things to do was walk my dog in the early evenings, when it was just getting dark and you could sneak a peek into the houses we passed by. I get the same feeling when I go to open houses, or at parties at a friend’s house.

Getting the opportunity to see how other people live can be a lot of fun. Karen of Chookooloonks must have known this when she decided to launch her new Tumblr site, Where Bloggers Blog. It’s a lovely look into the spaces that your favorite bloggers use to get their blogging done. (As a side note, in 2012 I did a slideshow of blogger’s desks, but it was far less glamorous!)

I asked Karen about her inspiration for the site. “The decision to start Where Bloggers Blog was really a whim,” she says, “after receiving a request from my friend, Laura Mayes, to send her a photo of my blogging space for a separate project that she was working on. Once I photographed my office and sent it to her, I shared it on Twitter, and was surprised by the response that I got: many people commented on little details they saw, how the space made them feel, that sort of thing.”

She continues, “I had recently written a post about how I love taking walks at dusk and catching glimpses of life going on behind the scenes in people’s homes, and realized that in a way, sharing my office space allowed people to virtually do just that with my home, in a way that was generally non-threatening, and didn’t leave me feeling too exposed; and it allowed me to share the part of my life that they were most familiar with — my blogging life. I thought it might be interesting to see if others would share their spaces as well.”

I asked Karen why she chose Tumblr: “The platform allowed me to pull together a site in 10 minutes or so; also, it has a wonderful ‘submit’ feature that would allow people to submit their own photos without my having to keep them on my computer.”

Submissions began pouring in the first day, as evidenced from my Twitter stream. Karen says, “The response has been overwhelming, and I’m so grateful that people really understand the purpose behind the site: it’s not about presenting the perfect image, or creating some sort of pseudo-Pinterest-board of The Perfect Creative Space; instead, it’s about sharing, and community, and giving a glimpse of where blogging magic happens all over the world. People have submitted images of their offices, yes, but also their sofas, their beds; one person even submitted a photograph of her bathroom. I love the thought that creativity is happening all over the world, in all these diverse spots.”

Definitely check it out. I love the diversity of spaces and design that people have. Very interesting!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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