Why Are We Always on the Phone?

always on the phoneWe are always on our phones. I often wonder if this is what Steve Jobs imagined would happen. Did he realize that we can’t do anything without looking at our phones. I too am guilty of this? While I won’t text and drive, I find myself staring at my phone at a stop light, or checking Instagram while in the store. It’s silly, unnecessary, and I’m not the only one with this problem!

Earlier this week, a girl in Melbourne walked off a pier while on her phone, looking at Facebook. WALKED OFF A PIER?  (read the story on Jezebel)  If you were worried “OMG! She lost her PHONE??” Fret not, she kept a hold of her phone the entire time. That is just talent.

We are in a connected world and many of us just can’t disconnect. It’s like EXTREME ADD.

A while back, my daughter and I were in the store. I gave her my phone to keep her entertained (she is 10). My thinking was she would go sit somewhere and play Candy Crush. Let’s just say she didn’t make it to sit down. She smacks her head right into a BEAM in the middle of the store, as she wasn’t watching where she was going – walking and playing, rather than just walking.

Let’s not forget about the lady who was on the phone at the mall, walking along and BOOM – falls into a fountain.

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Why are we ALWAYS on the phone? Why do we feel the need to always be connected?

What would happen if there were no smart phones or WIFI anywhere? I guess it’s here to stay, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wonder what if…

What Is Your Theory – Why Is It We Are Always on the Phone?

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