Why You Should Start a Family Blog

Why You Start A Family BlogLove it or loathe it, we are in an over-sharing era of human culture. The internet has made it very easy to share our daily lives with close friends, far away family members, and even complete strangers. Most people flock to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to connect with others. As a result, you can share your family’s story pretty easily.

Starting a family blog can not only bring the family together as you decide as a group how your story is presented, it also gives you control over the content you decide to share.

Introduce Your Kids To Social Media

Since it’s almost guaranteed that your kids are going to learn about social networking sites anyway, a family blog is an excellent way to introduce your kids to social media your way. You can control the message while giving your kids the freedom to express themselves.

Get the whole family involved

Social networking sites have age restrictions that prohibit your younger kids from participating. With a family blog, you can get your kids involved. You can help them post their own photos or talk about subjects or articles they like.

By getting the whole family involved, it can also take the pressure off you (Blog webmaster) to keep the blog updated and fresh.

Own your content

Social media has made it very easy to share your family events, pictures, and special moments with a select few, or the entire world. The issue with social networking sites is that they are free, so you’re subjected to, well … anything the site decides to do. If it decides to change what types of content you want to post, who can see your content, or what if does with your content after you publish, you have no choice but to comply if you want to continue to use it’s service.

If your family ran its own blog, you have control over your content. Sure, the social networking sites format it all pretty, so you will have to devote some time to setting up your family blog the way you want it. But that’s the thing — you set up your blog the way you want it. If you decide to change the blog’s look, if you decide to add or remove features, it’s totally up to you.

Would you consider starting a family blog?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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