Will Your Next Laptop Purchase Be a Chromebook?

chromebookIn previous years, when it came time to purchase a new laptop – the question would be, “Do I buy a PC or Mac?” Now we have another more affordable option, the Chromebook.

Chromebook sales are on the rise.  According to a recent post on, Chromebook sales accounted for 21% of notebook sales in 2013. With the affordable cost and simplicity of the Chromebook – I can see why so many people are choosing Chromebooks over Macs or PCs.

Earlier this year, our kids started a charter school. Instead of textbooks, our 5th grader was issued a Samsung Chromebook.  From email to Google Drive, the Chromebooks were affordable and offer everything that the students and teachers need.

I did a HP Chromebook 14 review in November. While my main computer is still my MacBook Pro (mostly because I do a lot of graphic work), anytime I am working on the go, I use my Chromebook. The version I have works as a netbook, so I have internet access wherever T-mobile offers an internet connection. I can easily check my email, access the web, and utilize Google Drive. It’s light-weight, only 4lbs and has a 14-inch screen (larger than my MacBook Pro).

The Chromebook does take some getting use to and if you are a Google hater – forget Chromebook and purchase a PC. In order to access anything, you have to login to your Google account. Chromebook utilizes Chrome OS – which means if you have a certain software you need to run – you most likely won’t be able to run it unless it is web-based.  But then again, your options for PC’s under $250 are limited, whereas you can find several Chromebooks for that.

For certain niches that need large quantities of computers, Chromebooks are a great option. I can see more schools and companies jumping in on the Chromebook band-wagon. It will be interesting to see what percentage of the notebook marketplace Chromebook will take in 2014!

What Are Your Thoughts on Chromebooks and Chrome OS?

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