Winning Ways to Washi Tape Up Your Workspace

Who said your workspace needs to be boring? Whether working in a cube farm, an office with a view, or one out of your home, here are a dozen wonderful ways bloggers have brought a little color into their workspace with patterned tape. From washi, magic, duct, masking, and shipping tape, here are some ways to use washi tape to inject pops of color into your workspace to make it more fun.

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  • Give your keyboard a fresh and funky look 2 of 13

    If you want a subtle pop of color on your laptop or desktop, Emily Vanek at Colorado Moms suggests updating your keyboard with a "fresh and funky look" by adding a strip of Washi to the spacebar. Sure, you could do your entire keyboard but this blogger says that while it looks amazing, it "takes aton of time and a precise hand with that exacto knife."

    Photo courtesy of Emily Vanek

  • Claim your chargers and cords 3 of 13

    When everyone leaves a meeting (or blog conference session) and reaches for chargers and plugs, washi tape helps you know which ones are yours.  Bright Bold & Beautiful's Laura Trevey says to "just wrap your favorite washi tape around the charger, and no one will mistake yours for theirs anymore."

    Photo courtesy of Laura Trevey

  • Detangle those cords 4 of 13

    "The other day, I pulled out an old cell phone, and went in search of the charging cord for it, and my frustration hit a high note. I encountered a full grocery bag full of 25-30 cords, all tangled together, and most we didn't even know what they went to or why we had it," writes Vanessa Barker on Our Thrifty Ideas. This mess inspired her to organize her cords with these washi wrapped toilet paper rolls so be sure to stop by her site and thank her for your well organized office drawers with neatly arranged cords!

    Photo courtesy of Vanessa Barker

  • Prevent digital eye strain with a washi clock 5 of 13

    We know we're supposed to look away from the screen to give our eyes a rest and perhaps time goes faster when you have a washi clock to look at in your cube or home office.  Jen of Tatertots & Jello gives you a step-by-step how-to that will make you the envy of your workplace.

    Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hadfield

  • Transform ordinary office supplies into the extraordinary 6 of 13

    Jenny Ingram from Jenny on the Spot "first fell in love with decorative tape (washi tape, specifically) many months ago. I began by incorporating the tape into my daily journal, and now I am putting tape stinking EVERYWHERE." Her love of patterned tape transforms regular office supplies into the extraordinary and if you're looking to dress up your snail mail correspondence or paperclips, Jenny can help!

    Photo courtesy of Jenny Ingram

  • Meetings become more fun when writing notes in washiâ��ed notebooks 7 of 13

    Lia Griffith inspires us to close our laptops and put away our tablets in favor of grabbing a pencil and notebook thanks to her how-to washi tape your pencils and notebooks DIY post. Untrained Housewife, Angela England, likes to use patterned tape for personalized composition books.

    Photos courtesy of Angela England (left) and Lia Griffith (right)

  • Dress up your file cabinets 8 of 13

    Electronic files and file cabinet drawer fronts can be so ho-hum. Other than magnets, what can you really do to spice them up? Smarty Pants Mama, Caroline Murphy, affixed vertical strips of patterned duct tape to her plain white drawers to liven them up with dots of color. Her advice? "Be sure to wipe the area you'll be taping with rubbing alcohol before you tape. This will clean off any dust or residue that could prevent the tape from properly adhering." Also note that duct tape has more permanence than removable washi tape.

    Photo courtesy of Caroline Murphy

  • Flair for drawers 9 of 13

    After watching her daughter washi her room, Elena Sonnino got the idea to add some flair to her "own office space with a bit of Scotch Expressions tape." Like Caroline, she decorated a set of drawers but used horizontal lines of tape rather than vertical and chronicles other tape projects on her Live Do Grow site. Elena said, "It may not be much, but at least a little corner of my office has some new flair."

    Photos courtesy of Elena Sonnino

  • Breathe new life into an old desk 10 of 13

    Nothing personalizes your workspace more than transforming your desk top with tape! Solid and patterned duct tape made a bold statement on my thrift store desk in my home office. Those looking for a less permanent pop of color can decorate the edge or part of their desk with 3M Magic or Washi tape which removes easily with no residue.  My DIY post with how-to tips can be found at Tech Savvy Mama.

    Photos courtesy of Leticia Barr

  • Frame it! 11 of 13

    Digital photo frames are so 3 years ago and no one really likes to view your photos on the screen of your tiny smartphone. Display photos proudly the old fashioned way like Alexis Prieto (aka The Exhausted Mom) does- with "color and pattern." She likes using budget friendly wooden frames and covering them with tape that comes in three packs of coordinating colors so she doesn't have to "overthink what I wanted to use."

    Photos courtesy of Alexis Prieto

  • Ditch the eCards in favor of snail mail 12 of 13

    There's nothing celebratory about a happy birthday email or a Facebook wall post. Get your craft on with some patterned tape and some blank cards to wish friends and colleagues a happy birthday like Lisa Frame. Her card creations featured on A Daily Pinch use a combination of washi, masking, and duct tape.

    Photos courtesy of Lisa Frame

  • Nature is better in person than as a desktop pattern 13 of 13

    The flowers on your desktop pattern may brighten your mood but a few real flowers in a washi'ed vase is even better. Hillary Chybinski uses a simple Dollar Store vase and wahi to add some stripes of color. Don't have a lot of room on your desk? She suggests votive candle holders which are perfectly sized for a single bloom.

    Photos courtesy of Hillary Chybinski

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