Would You Want to be Surprised with a Pinterest Wedding?

Would You Want a Surprise Wedding Thanks to Pinterest

Pinterest boards curate shiny objects of lust but for Amanda Roman, they were a place to store her wedding dreams. She told a girlfriend in passing one day that she “thought it would be cool” for boyfriend Ryan Leak to surprise her with a proposal and wedding on the same day. But how does one make that happen when there are so many wedding details that need to be coordinated for the big day? Pinterest.

Over the course of the year, Ryan went through over 200 images pinned by Amanda to pull off a surprise, that included flying her to Miami under the ruse of helping a friend move. reported, “When he dropped to his knees outside of a hotel, it became clear this was no ordinary trip.” According to the story, he had planned everything. Flowers and a wedding gown were purchased. Family and friends flew in to complete the surprise. Ryan even had a hair stylist and makeup artists at the ready to prep his bride-to-be for a memorable day.

The digital age provides engaged couples with endless sources of inspiration that I wasn’t privy to when I got married. Wedding planning for the tech savvy back in 2000 meant linking my online gift registries up through, after visiting places like Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma to use the handheld scanner to scan each and every item.

Now that I’ve just dated myself (sigh), would I have loved for my husband to surprise me with the engagement and wedding of my dreams from my Pinterest boards? No. For me, part of the fun of getting married was planning it together, and while weddings can be stressful, ours wasn’t. It was exactly what we wanted it to be.

And I’m not alone in saying no to a Pinterest surprise wedding. Julie Pron from Juliverse exclaimed, “OMG. No. How dare he??? Does he not understand that a part of planning a dream wedding for a woman is the planning part? I can’t imagine not getting to partake in the planning. I’m sure it was romantic and sweet and everything else, but I also think you learn a lot about each other when you plan something like this together.”

“I’m the total opposite of Julie,” admitted MommaDJane’s Dwan Perrin. “I’d be 110% okay with my boyfriend doing all the work. Especially if it was what I wanted all along? Bonus.”

Kelly Whalen of Centsible Life agrees. “Maybe I’m biased because we had a very small wedding (and I only told immediate family about it a week before) but I would love this. I think it’s way too easy to get caught up in the planning and stress a wedding can cause and this would take the focus off the stress, and put it where it belongs — starting a life together.”

While women are clearly divided about the use of Pinterest for surprise weddings, Babble Entertainment contributor and Creating Motherhood founder Dresden Shumaker wondered if pinning could help her find a boyfriend.

“How do we make this happen?” she mused. “What kind of board do I need to set up? Do I just start pinning the things I would like my dream guy to be into? (So like a board of photos of me? Ha.).”

Never say never, Dresden! Andrea Katz of Great Thoughts strategized about a Pinterest contest where Dresden could be the prize, and Dwan came up with the hashtag #DateDresden. Maybe after Dresden finds the man of her dreams, he’ll surprise her with an engagement and wedding Pinterest style! Or not!

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