XBox One Media Remote? YES PLEASE

xbox media remoteI’ve loved living cable free. Cutting the cord has saved my family not only a huge amount of money each month; it’s also saved me head space. I still watch plenty of TV don’t get me wrong but what I watch now is really deliberate and tends to be much higher quality. And even with the commercials on Hulu Plus, I see so many fewer commercials overall. It’s lovely.

However, I will confess that I hate using the Xbox game controller to control my TV and movie watching. It’s silly, really, but it’s not even close to being the ideal tool. If I watch a longer show, for instance, it shuts off so if I grab it to pause or rewind something I missed, I have to wake it up before I can pause it. Plus I just feel like a tool using it. Silly, but true.

Yes, I know you can use the Kinect features to control everything with hand gestures, but whomever thought that was a good idea clearly didn’t have cats or dogs or small children. Because if I try to use the Kinect controls, my cats constantly pause the show. And forget the voice controls; my cat Jax howling to go out messes with that.

So, all that to say, I am VERY excited to see the new XBox One Media Remote (although, sadly, I do not have the XBox One; I have the Xbox 360, but a girl can dream). Kirk Hamilton’s review at Kotaku sums it up well:

“When Microsoft announced the remote, lots of people laughed—a remote to replace Kinect so soon after launching the console? But the reality is, I use Kinect a lot more now that I use the remote. Or at least, I use it a lot less grudgingly. Kinect is my blunt instrument, and the remote is my precision tool. I’ll usually switch programs with Kinect—”Xbox, go to Hulu Plus,” “Xbox, go to Netflix,” then pick up the remote to quickly select a show or movie to watch.”

So if you’re one of those folks like me that users your Xbox to stream video, you might want to pre-order this little guy today.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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