You Know Your Kids Are Tech-Obsessed When…

There is absolutely no doubt that kids today love the Internet.

Our little digital kids are growing up with some amazing resources right at their little fingertips.  But at times we have to admit their behavior towards electronics and the net can seem a bit obsessive.

As parents, we need to be able to pinpoint some of these behaviors to be able to provide them limits and even tech-free alternatives to learning and entertainment.

Here are some indicators your child may be obsessed with technology.

  • You know your kid is tech-obsessed when… 1 of 10

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  • They knew how to swipe your iPhone before learning to dress themselves 2 of 10

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  • They assume all screens or monitor’s are touch enabled 3 of 10

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  • When their first instinct when they wake up is to pick up a electronic device over their bottle or sippy cup 4 of 10

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  • They know how to change the font on your smartphone and you don’t 5 of 10

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  • When their birthday and holiday gift lists contain only tech gadgets 6 of 10

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  • They would rather be by themselves with the device than socialize 7 of 10

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  • They take the device everywhere they go 8 of 10

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  • Their entire world comes crashing down as they find out the device needs to be charged 9 of 10

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  • They would rather look down at a tablet than enjoy what is right in front of them 10 of 10

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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