Zact: The Perfect Smartphone for Kids

Zact offers the perfect smartphone for kids.When I was about my daughter’s age, my mother dropped me off at a movie theater to meet friends to see Benji, a strangely sad little movie about a dog (it was a different time, and no one thought anything weird about dropping off 7-year-olds at the movies). My mother gave me a dime so I could call her when the movie was over from a pay phone.

Last month I had to explain to my daughter what a pay phone was. In fact, she doesn’t remember a time when we had a land line; we’ve just had cell phones most of her life. So it isn’t terribly surprising that she’s been asking about when she could get her own smart phone for about a year now.

Now, I think 7 years old is too young for a smartphone. Her friends don’t have them, so who would she call? She already has plenty of online access at home, she doesn’t need it at school. But when Zact offered us the opportunity to test their smartphone for kids, I was interested and thought it was worth checking out.

My daughter was thrilled.

The phone is the ZTE Awe, a solid little Android smartphone that is very easy and intuitive to use, even for this iPhone addict. It came pre-loaded with Disney apps and content, which of course made my daughter wildly happy.

But what’s truly amazing about the phone is how easily you can control your child’s access to it and not just with controls on the phone itself, but remotely as well, using an app (available both in iOS and Android). Yes, you can shut your child’s phone down remotely.

Plus it’s a zero contract phone. “Parents have been looking for a way to control and customize a mobile phone service for their kids, and the Zact phone featuring Disney content is a smart option for families who want huge savings on their monthly bill, along with the best in family-friendly entertainment. In addition, there is no need to buy an expensive plan since parents can choose any amount of voice, text, data starting as low as $3.49 per month,” said Greg Raleigh, founder and CEO of ItsOn, parent company of Zact.


Pretty awesome.

Because my daughter is so young, we’re limiting her access to the phone. She’s allowed to take the phone with her for sleepovers, in case she misses us and wants to touch base, or in case she gets overstimulated and needs some quiet time to play games alone. We also let her bring it when we go places that are photo-worthy, because she really likes taking photos (as she’s doing there on the right), and later using PicMonkey at home to edit them on my computer.

For now, she’s not taking it to school every day or keeping it with her. But I have to say, this is definitely the phone I would buy her. I love the features and control.

Great phone for the family. If you’re in the market for a smartphone for kids, I can’t recommend the Zact child phone highly enough.

This is not a sponsored post, although our family was given the phone to test and keep.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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