10 Birthday Presents For $15 Or Under

soft dog ikea
This soft buddy is only $7.99

Raise you hand if you’ve been to a birthday party every weekend for the last month!

I swear, I think there are more babies born in the spring than any other time. There have been 7 babies born in the last 2 weeks just among my Facebook friends! It’s nuts!

While these birthday parties are lots-o-fun, the gifts can add up. Shnook’s preschool class has 25 kids, and every kid is invited to every party. That’s a lot of presents. ┬áSo while you’re traipsing around from party to party, you might be at a loss for 3 year-old gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Once a kid turns 3, the world of toys opens up. There are many more cool toys that are labeled “3+” because there are fewer concerns about choking hazards. Of course, if you know a kid still puts stuff in his/her mouth, I’d be mindful of that when buying a gift.

Regardless, here are 10 fun and interesting presents for under $15…

  • Animal Bingo 1 of 10
    Animal Bingo
    We own this version of Bingo. I love the retro colors and drawings. It was my son's favorite game for several months.
    Buy on Amazon
  • Animal Stamp Set 2 of 10
    Animal Stamp Set
    A really cute set of wooden stamps for the budding printmaker in your family.
    Buy on Melissa and Doug site
  • Binoculars 3 of 10
    Yes, you can get binoculars for your toddler for less than $15!
    Bird watching this summer??
    Buy here
  • Giant Fire Truck Puzzle 4 of 10
    Giant Fire Truck Puzzle
    Puzzles are my go-to gift. They make puzzles in every shape and size with every kid's interest from butterflies to dump trucks.
    Buy it on Amazon
  • Glitter Rainbow Wings 5 of 10
    Glitter Rainbow Wings
    How to instantly perk up a 3 year-old? Give her (or him) wings!
    Buy on ebeanstalk.
  • Soft Beagle 6 of 10
    Soft Beagle
    We own this little guy. I originally bought it for Fuzz, but he wasn't interested. However, 3-year-old Shnook adopted him. He named him Bumbush Marbles.
    Buy at Ikea
  • A Classic Book 7 of 10
    A Classic Book
    You can't go wrong by buying a 3-year-old a book.
    Buy it on Amazon.
  • Grow-A-Head Bugs 8 of 10
    Grow-A-Head Bugs
    Here's a fun green project that 3 year-olds can enjoy. Watch the bugs grow real green plant hair!
    From Fat Brain Toys
  • Pink Dress 9 of 10
    Pink Dress
    Old Navy has adorable spring dresses for $15 and under!
    Buy it here
  • Piggy Bank 10 of 10
    Piggy Bank
    Get your 3 year-old started saving money. Here's a bank for a soccer-loving kid. They also make them as a baseball and a football.
    On Amazon.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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