8 Clever Ways to Organize Your Toddler’s Toys

The toys. Do I really have to say much more than that? If you are tired of your toddler’s toys overtaking your home AND are sick of seeing all of these impractical ways people on Pinterest organize, this post is for you.

We are in the midst of organizing our home, and the toys are major sore spot. Fortunately, our two oldest kids now have fewer toys than they did during their younger years, but these toddlers — oh my gosh, their toys are everywhere!

Just as Pinterest is impractical, so is buying lots of the fancy organizers found on store shelves. I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend at Pottery Barn Kids, people.  As cool as a ferris wheel toy organizer is, we would end up in the hospital with a cracked head. I need PRACTICAL ways to organize toys — right?

After scouring the Web, I fortunately found a handful of ideas that can totally work. These things won’t cost me an arm and a leg, and I can actually see these working in real, not just Pinterest, life.

Here are 8 clever ways to organize your toddler’s toys!

1. Zip Pouches

Image source: The Navy Stripe
Image source: The Navy Stripe

Pick up several zip pouches (check the dollar store!) and keep puzzle pieces neatly organized.

source: The Navy Stripe

2. Legos

Have Legos attacked your toy room? Check out how this mom organized her son’s Legos – with a Sterlite bin system. She created labels with photos to help her kids remember which Legos go in the bin. While this is a little too much for me, I know that if my son who LOVES Legos would just do this – he could actually find all of the parts he needs for his projects!

source: Sustainably Chic Designs

3. Bean Bag Storage

How brilliant is this?? Just an empty bean bag as a storage for all of your kids stuffed animals!

source: Come Together Kids

4. Buckets

Image source: The Wilson World
Image source: Random Thoughts of a Supermom

ummer is here, and so are the outdoor toys!  How cute is this? Organize your outdoor play stuff neatly with buckets!

source:Random Thoughts of a Supermom

5. Clear Bins

Using clear bins and labels, this mom has found a way to neatly organize little toys.

source: The Sunny Side Up Blog

6. Wall Baskets

I LOVE this and totally want to do this in our living room. While we have a playroom, the toys – they migrate. It would be super fabulous to have cute storage like this in a place where toys tend to unexpectedly gather.

source: thislittlehouse.blogspot.com

7. Barbies Organized

Image source: A Girl and a Glue Gun
Image source: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Use an over-the-door shoe holder to hold Barbie. We actually organized my daughter’s Barbie collection after seeing this.  We also did this for my sons’ Hot Wheels cars!

source: A Girl and a Glue Gun

8. Bath Toys

Every bath toy organizer I have bought just doesn’t do the job. I love this easy idea that includes a shower rod at the back of the bath tub with hooked shelves. One of my major icks is sanitary bath toys – and with these open baskets, the toys will easily have enough air to dry.

source: Frugal Freebies

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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