10 Cloth Diapers for Modern Parents (And Their Toddlers)

Our family has been cloth diapering for almost four straight years now, and for a while I had two kiddos in cloth at the same time.  Modern cloth diapers are much different than the diapers you may remember your mother or grandmother using.

Today’s diapers combine fun with functional, offering a huge variety in types of diapers, colors, prints, and more.  Choosing to cloth diaper your little one can save you thousands of dollars, as well as saving thousands of disposable diapers from ending up in the landfill, so they save you money and save the planet at the same time!

Here are my top 10 cloth diapers picks for the modern family.

  • FuzziBunz 1 of 10
    One of the original brands of pocket diapers, FuzziBunz have snap closures and come in either sized or one-size diapers and lots of fun colors.
  • Thirsties Covers 2 of 10
    Thirsties Covers
    For covering up prefolds or fitted diapers, Thirsties covers have a unique side gusset that holds in messes. Their duo-wraps will fit your child through more than one size and come in lots of colors and a few cute prints.
  • GroVia 3 of 10
    GroVia are a new type of hybrid diaper, which combines the convenience of disposable diapers with the eco-friendliness of reusable diapers. The outer shell can be stuffed with either a cloth or disposable insert depending on your need.
  • Bum Genius 4 of 10
    Bum Genius
    Bum Genius are probably one of the most loved brands of diapers. They come in all-in-ones, or pocket diapers, with velcro or snap closures in pastel and bright colors. These have been our go-to diapers for our almost four straight years of cloth diapering, and they are still going strong.
  • goodmama 5 of 10
    These diapers are the equivalent of designer clothes for your baby's bum. The highly coveted goodmamas are made of super soft and squishy organic bamboo velour and you can choose from an enormous selection of super cute prints and colors.
  • Wild Child Woolies 6 of 10
    Wild Child Woolies
    Wool covers are breathable while still being waterproof, and are the most natural material for a diaper cover. Wild Child Woolies soakers, shorties and longies can be worn in place of short or pants to coordinate your baby's cloth diapers with their wardrobe. These are one of my favorite kinds of diaper covers.
  • Charlie Banana 7 of 10
    Charlie Banana
    Charlie Banana is another brand of hybrid diaper, combining reusable and disposable inserts in one cloth diapering system.
  • Sustainablebabyish 8 of 10
    Organic bamboo and cotton fleece diapers that are super absorbent, and look great too. And a cool fact about the company, for every diaper bought from Sustainablebabyish they will plant one tree.
  • Blueberry 9 of 10
    Blueberry Minky diapers are cute and fun. The outer layer is laminated minky so they are super soft and cuddly on the outside, but still waterproof, and they come in lots of cute prints.
  • Crankypants 10 of 10
    Crankypants are hand knitted wool diaper covers that double as pants have a super cute little monster on the bum. Now tell me all these cloth diapers aren't so much more fun than disposables! Modern cloth diapers are cute and functional!

Have you considered using cloth diapers on your little one?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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