Top 10 Date Night Ideas

April 2012 date night to the Angus Barn for dinner.

RAWR, baby!

Can we talk about my total hottie for a husband for a moment?  He is so devilishly handsome with his blue eyes and Southern boy facial scruff that sends me swooning in my petticoats.  I have loved him for almost a decade and he’s the only one I let see me in my mouth gaurd at night.  In short, I did a fine piece of magic convincing him to tie the knot with me and then I still liked him so much that we had a baby two years ago.

So who’s got two thumbs and a fine piece of man-meat by her side for the next fifty years?  This girl.

We have a few “rules” in our marriage, like always having cinnamon rolls in the fridge and never saying “shut up” and having regular date nights.  It started pretty early on into parenthood, thanks to having my parents close by as babysitters – sometimes it’s just grabbing a milkshake for a quick drive through town, other times it’s a full-on gussied-up affair with high heels and a movie to follow.  It all depends on our schedule and budget for the month, but point is that we do it.

So here are some of our favorite ideas for keeping a marriage spicy and cheesy and marinated.  Whoops, I meant committed.


  • Take cooking classes! 1 of 10
    Take cooking classes!
    You can find a great deal on Groupon or similar sites. Put on an apron & whip up something delicious together!
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  • Go for a walk/run. 2 of 10
    Go for a walk/run.
    Get those endorphins going! Lace up your sneakers & hit the trail for a few hours together - leave the kid & stroller at home with a sitter.
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  • Cheer on the alma mater! 3 of 10
    Cheer on the alma mater!
    Grab tickets to a local football or basketball game & dress up in the school colors.
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  • The stereotypical date – dinner out! 4 of 10
    The stereotypical date - dinner out!
    It doesn't have to be fancy (but it can be!). Doug & I have had everything on date night from $40 steaks to a $5 cheeseburger. Best thing? There's no dishes afterward!
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  • The other stereotypical date – a movie! 5 of 10
    The other stereotypical date - a movie!
    We only get to the movies once or twice a year because it's so expensive. But occasionally Fandango runs good ticket deals when you buy online & it is fun to escape for a few hours.
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  • Get a milkshake and go driving. 6 of 10
    Get a milkshake and go driving.
    It's kind of like high school. Hey, you can even find a good place to park and make out, too!
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  • No money? No problem! 7 of 10
    No money? No problem!
    A $3.00 frozen pizza + $1.00 Redbox movie = date night in for less than $5.00 total. We do this pretty often after the kiddo goes to bed.
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  • Let him teach you and vice versa. 8 of 10
    Let him teach you and vice versa.
    I'm not a big golfer, but I will go to the driving range. It's fun to let Doug teach me his favorite past time.
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  • Take a local brewery tour. 9 of 10
    Take a local brewery tour.
    Wine vinyards work well, too. Take a tour and sample the different goods!
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  • YOU KNOW. You know? ::wink wink nudge nudge:: 10 of 10
    YOU KNOW.  You know? ::wink wink nudge nudge::
    Pour a glass of champagne, light a candle, turn out the lights. Hey, it's what got you into parenthood in the first place!
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What is your favorite date night activity?

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