10 Easy Ways to Go Green With Your Toddler

Have you thought about making some changes with your family to live a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle? Do you feel like it’s an overwhelming task with young children in tow? I want to encourage you that tots can go green too!

You can begin by taking baby steps and making simple, easy changes that will make a big difference in your eco-consciousness as a family.

Here are 10 easy ways that you can go green with your toddler.

  • Cloth Napkins and Rags 1 of 10
    Cloth Napkins and Rags
    Instead of using paper towels and napkins, in the kitchen and around the house, we use cloth napkins, wipes, and rags. We have washcloths that we use as the kids napkins and to wipe off them, and their table and chairs, after eating.
  • Turn Off the Lights 2 of 10
    Turn Off the Lights
    Make turning off the lights around your house a game with your toddler. They usually love to switch off lights at this age anyway, so let them help you, and remind you, to turn off the lights to save energy and money in any room around the house that you're not using.
  • Cloth Diapers and Wipes 3 of 10
    Cloth Diapers and Wipes
    I've already shared one reason to switch to cloth diapers as well as my favorite brands of modern cloth diapers. Switching to cloth diapers and wipes is one of the biggest ways to reduce the amount of waste that your child creates.
  • Plant a Garden 4 of 10
    Plant a Garden
    Teach toddlers where their food actually comes from - not the grocery store, but that it is grown from the ground! Toddlers love to help with everything in a garden, from planting seeds, to watering, to helping you pick your harvest!
  • Green and Natural Cleaning 5 of 10
    Green and Natural Cleaning
    Conventional cleaning products are full of harsh and toxic chemicals and shouldn't be used in homes with children. Choose green and natural cleaning products, or even better, make your own homemade and natural cleaners. Best of all, you can encourage your kids to help you with cleaning without having to worry about the chemicals they are being exposed to.
  • Take a Walk or Bike Ride 6 of 10
    Take a Walk or Bike Ride
    Instead of driving to all your destinations, try walking or riding bikes to save on gas. Show kids that just because you can drive everywhere, that doesn't mean you should. One of our favorite weekly errands is walking to our local farmer's market where my kids know our favorite farmer by name.
  • Safe and Natural Bath Products 7 of 10
    Safe and Natural Bath Products
    It's an unfortunate reality that many name brand conventional baby care products contain a soup of toxic chemicals, some of which have been shown to be dangerous, and others which the effects are still unknown. Avoid these potential harmful effects by choosing simple, safe and natural bath and personal care products for your little ones.
  • Green Their Gear 8 of 10
    Green Their Gear
    Here' are my top 12 picks for greening all of your tots different gear, and we'll be talking more about green products that you can use with your toddler in the weeks to come.
  • Enjoy U-Pick Farms 9 of 10
    Enjoy U-Pick Farms
    Along with gardening, going to local u-pick farms is a great learning experience for a toddler to realize that blueberries grow on bushes and apples grow on trees. You'll also teach them about eating local and in-season produce.
  • Teach Them Why It’s Important 10 of 10
    Teach Them Why It's Important
    You can do all of these things with your toddler, but it's also important to teach them why we conserve resources, choose environmentally friendly products, and save the planet. Then they will grow up with both the knowledge and the ability to carry on these changes for themselves.

How have you taught your toddler the importance of caring for the environment?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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