10 Fun Ways to Include Santa in Your Christmas

Will Santa Claus visit your house this Christmas? As a child, my parents would go ALL OUT for Santa. And while we don’t make as big of a deal about Santa as they did, we do a few things to keep the old man coming to our house.

If you are looking for fun ways to include Santa Claus in your Christmas (beyond the mall photo!), check out these 10 ideas.

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    santa alive

    Use these tips to keep the spirit of Santa alive in your home.

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    Portable North Pole is an adorable site that lets you make a video of Santa talking to your child. You can customize it with the child's name, age and a goal that they're working on (my favorite: stop throwing temper tantrums.) The video is free, but PNP offers other options for you to communicate with Santa.

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    Take some boots, put them in the fireplace ash (obviously when no fire is present). Then walk them from the fireplace to look like Santa left footprints after climbing down the fireplace.

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    Google has a fantastic Santa tracker that uses Google Maps. Another option is NORAD's Santa tracker. We watch the site and a few hours or so before Santa is set to arrive we tell the kids they must be in bed. 

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    Elf on the Shelf helps keep the idea of Santa and his elves alive all Christmas season. As a child, I remember hearing, every time I acted out, "The elves are watching." Kind of creepy to think about. Maybe I should try that on my kids!

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    The last few years, we've used the Christmas cookies that we decorated for Santa.  Just make sure the cookies aren't out in the morning when the kids wake up!

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    Sure, we are leaving Santa cookies--but what about the reindeer? I did this as a child and distinctly remember seeing them in the trash one Christmas morning. 

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    Along with the cookies, my kids leave Santa a note. 

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    Santa's sleigh has jingle bells, right? I use to run around my baby sister's window with bells, ringing them. Then I would run in and tell her that I heard Santa's sleigh. 

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    We make a gift or two from Santa--typically something they asked Santa for. 

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    No chimney? NO PROBLEM! Just buy a Santa key. It's a house key that only works for Santa.

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We really try to keep a Christ-centered Christmas in our home, but we do keep Santa in the mix for the toddlers. When our older son started questioning if Santa was real at age 5, we told him the truth. But we also explained how Santa is about giving and fun and why we do it. Now, Santa is something my older kids enjoy in a new way with their toddler siblings.

Do you guys celebrate Christmas with Santa?

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