10 Handmade Valentine’s Day Photo Props for Toddlers

What can I say, I’m a sucker for any holiday really and V-day is yet another time us parents can get some really great shots of our kids.

As someone who thoroughly enjoys making handmade photo gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, I hold little mini-photo shoots throughout the year. Of course, no theme need apply to take cute photos of one’s children, but c’mon let’s be honest. Themes can be cute. Especially when they are not over-the-top and gaudy.

Even if I find the time to get my kids into one or two themed props, or in front of a fun backdrop or holding paper props, all it takes is a few clicks of my camera and I have something to fawn and swoon over forever. You know grandparents LOVE this stuff, so.

Without further ado, below you will find a sweet little collection of handmade Valentine’s Day themed props for toddlers. Keep in mind that ordering online means doing so with enough time for shipment, so get on it! Just chooose one or a couple and have fun!

  • DIY Heart Skirt 1 of 10
    DIY Heart Skirt
    Okay, so I slipped one tutorial in here. Hard to resist this twirly skirt, especially paired with those tights and shoes.
    Get the free pattern and instructions via The 36th Avenue
  • Felt Love Photo Prop Set 2 of 10
    Felt Love Photo Prop Set
    This simple set of 7 felted props will be all you need to do execute a short and sweet photo shoot with your little ones.
    Available via Perfectionette, $24.00
  • Little Boy’s V-Day Bow-Tie 3 of 10
    Little Boy's V-Day Bow-Tie
    A simple and understated way to add some heart flare.
    Available via Lil Gents, $18.00
  • Deluxe Paper Photo Prop Set 4 of 10
    Deluxe Paper Photo Prop Set
    Digging this fun collection of standard and over-sized paper props.
    Available via Paper and Pancakes, $35.00
  • Faux Tattoo Shirt Appliques 5 of 10
    Faux Tattoo Shirt Appliques
    A really cute option for siblings!
    Available via Cody's Boutique, $18.99
  • Rhinestone Heart Headband 6 of 10
    Rhinestone Heart Headband
    Seriously adorable and comes in any size you want!
    Available via Jani Baby, $19.95
  • Be Mine 7 of 10
    Be Mine
    This clean and modern tee is a simple, yet still darling choice.
    Available via My June November, $15.00
  • I Heart Mom (or Dad) Tattoo Hat 8 of 10
    I Heart Mom (or Dad) Tattoo Hat
    Hey, Denise Richards is doing it, so.
    Available via Hunky Dory Boutique, $27.99
  • Heart and Arrows Long Sleeve Tee 9 of 10
    Heart and Arrows Long Sleeve Tee
    A cool little shirt that your guy (or girl), can wear year 'round, not just for V-day!
    Available via We Three Bees, $25.00
  • Cupid’s Wings Long Sleeve Tee 10 of 10
    Cupid's Wings Long Sleeve Tee
    I couldn't resist.
    Available via We Three Bees, $25.00


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