10 Household Items That Can Become Toddler Hazards

I’ve had 2 toddlers before, and those 2 toddlers made it through just fine. At least, that’s what I’ve always told myself. Our youngest 2 boys are in the toddler stage and it’s like we cannot childproof enough! Like most parents with toddlers, there are the obvious things you child proof for. There’s the stairs, the electric outlets, high locks on some doors, bells on the backdoor (my boys will run!), chemicals are kept out of sight and inaccessible to the boys. You think you’ve childproofed for just about everything, but then a toddler incident happens causing you to rethink everything. Here’s a look at 10 household items that can become a toddler hazard!

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    With toddlers, you never know what can be a danger. Here are 10 common household items to watch your toddlers around.

  • Batteries 2 of 11

    Button batteries in particular are extremely dangerous if swallowed. These little things can cause severe damage burning through tissue, just 2 hours after ingestion. Read Emmett's story, he swallowed a button battery that had fallen out of a remote control.

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  • Kitchen Chair 3 of 11

    It's just a kitchen chair, standing what, 2-3 feet off the ground... right? I thought the same thing until my then 2-year old was a bloody mess after knocking his teeth into his gum after falling off a kitchen chair. 

    We had another situation where our other toddler was standing and tipped the chair over. It was so scary, but thankfully he was more scared than hurt after the incident. 

  • Washer & Dryer 4 of 11

    Thankfully our toddlers have not tried this stunt, but there have been incidents reported of toddlers crawling into washers and dryers. This isn't something I would of thought to childproof, but most definitely will watch out for. 

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  • Hand Sanitizer 5 of 11

    If your kid drinks this, he or she could get drunk. Sadly, teens are drinking this to get drunk - but watch your toddlers with hand sanitizer. Snopes even says it's true!

  • Laundry Pod Packs 6 of 11

    We had an incident with one of our toddlers eating a part of a laundry pod. Thankfully, he ran to us - showed us the packet (which was mostly intact) and told us it was "ucky."  A pod had fallen out of the bucket it came in, and our toddler had found it. The incident scared me to death, and then you read about toddlers who have eaten these detergent pods landing in the hospital and even dying

  • Magnets 7 of 11

    Magnets can pose a huge danger to a child if swallowed. The popularity of small, high-powered magnets such as Buckyballs has led to a surge in toddlers and children ending up the emergency room after swallowing. 

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  • TV 8 of 11

    Falling TVs are a continual risk for injuring toddlers. One doctor suggests that maybe the new flat screen TV design is easier to tip over. Read more on Huffington Post about TV injuries.

  • Second Story Windows 9 of 11

    We've always lived in a 2-story house and I never thought anything about it UNTIL we were doing the inspection on our current home. The inspector, a grandpa, took notice of our windows upstairs. All of the bedrooms have extra long windows that I loved, but didn't think about how easy it was for our toddlers to literally just step onto the window ledge without any effort. 

    In apartments, toddlers falling, especially from balconies, can be a danger. Here is a story of a recent toddler who died after falling from a second story window.

  • Scissors 10 of 11

    Keep your scissors high and out of sight from toddlers. I always thought the toddlers would use the scissors to give a bad haircut, boy was I wrong. Our youngest Zeke cut off a large portion of his pinky with scissors that were on the kitchen island. Nope, not fun - at all.  

  • Stovetop 11 of 11

    Our 2-year-old has a new trick. He is just high enough to reach the counter tops, though he can't see what's on them. So what does he do? He does this little shuffle, hands on the counter tops trying to grab whatever he can. Tonight, I caught him doing it, except he was next to the gas stove top! He was about an inch away from being able to reach it, but this mom still freaked. Watch your babies around the stovetop please!

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